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Viação Águia Branca enhances security and performance with F5 (in Portuguese)

With the help of the F5 Best Bundle and services from local partner ISH, Viação Águia Branca was able to secure its electronic bus tickets app and increase online sales by 26%. Viação Águia Branca buses travel more than 70 million kilometers per year, serving residents in six states of Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Bahia and Sergipe).

TIVIT bloqueia ataques DDoS e DNS com ajuda do Silverline, da F5

2200 grandes e medias empresas da América Latina e do Brasil contam com os serviços de TIC providos pela TIVIT. Com 8000 funcionários, a empresa trabalha 24x7 para garantir a continuidade dos negócios de seus clientes. Na TIVIT, a segurança da informação permeia todas as camadas de sistemas e de pessoas que existem dentro da empresa. Para reforçar ainda mais essa cultura, em 2016, a TIVIT incluiu em sua oferta as soluções F5 Networks de limpeza de tráfego Web e de defesa contra ataques massivos via Internet. 

FiberCorp mejora la virtualización, a través de las soluciones de F5, para ayudar a sus clientes a transformarse digitalmente

El proveedor de servicios de telecomunicaciones FiberCorp necesitaba reemplazar su plataforma de servicios de entrega de aplicaciones con un componente de virtualización para ayudar a sus clientes a transformarse digitalmente. Una solución de F5 Networks facilitó a FiberCorp ofrecer a sus clientes diferentes propuestas de infraestructura virtualizada, como servidores y centros de datos, que permiten optimizar la gestión de grandes volúmenes de datos.

Gruppo Sapio: qualità e sicurezza dei servizi web con F5 e Sinergy

Sapio ha scelto F5 per accrescere la qualità dei prodotti e dei servizi, grazie a un’architettura integrata in grado di incrementare le prestazioni, garantire la sicurezza e abbattere i costi di gestione.

Vivo usa soluciones F5 Networks para garantizar la seguridad del Servicio Vivo Aplicación Web Segura

Vivo, gigante de las telecomunicaciones en Brasil, que en 2015 facturó 11 billones de dólares, lanzó a finales de 2015, un servicio a medida para las pequeñas y medianas empresas (PYMES). Se trata del servicio Vivo Aplicación Web Segura, una oferta que utiliza la tecnología F5 Networks para proteger las aplicaciones web sus clientes. 

El Banco G&T mejora la disponibilidad, el rendimiento, la escalabilidad y la seguridad con la actualización de F5

El Banco G&T requiere alta disponibilidad de las aplicaciones para dar servicio a más de 1,7 millones de clientes. Mediante la actualización de su solución de F5, el banco migró el data center principal con un mínimo de tiempo de inactividad y, en la actualidad, se beneficia de una mayor disponibilidad y seguridad, así como un mejor rendimiento de las aplicaciones y la red.

Un banco utiliza una solución de firewall de F5 para proteger aplicaciones multiplataforma y cumplir la normativa

El Banco Supervielle utilizaba Cisco ACE XML Gateway como firewall para aplicaciones web, pero la solución había llegado al final de su ciclo de servicio. Tras reemplazarla por una solución de F5, el banco logró una funcionalidad más completa, protección más segura para una amplia variedad de aplicaciones multiplataforma esenciales, ahorro en mano de obra, compliance con la normativa y mejor soporte.

FiberCorp Helps Customers Digitally Transform with a Virtualized F5 Solution

Telecommunications service provider FiberCorp needed to replace its application delivery service platform with a virtualization component to help its clients digitally transform. An F5 Networks solution made it possible for FiberCorp to offer customers different proposals for virtualized infrastructure, such as servers and data centers, which allow the management optimization of large volumes of data. 

MDV Deployment Detects, Blocks Targeted Threats Embedded in SSL Data without Sacrificing Performance

One business of Medical Data Vision (MDV) is enabling the healthcare community to leverage clinical big data to revolutionize data-driven medicine. To protect its systems and massive data assets from cyberthreats, the company chose F5® SSL Orchestrator™ running on F5® BIG-IP® Platform to augment its primary anti-threat appliance. The combination detects and blocks even attacks obfuscated in SSL streams, and it does it without sacrificing performance. The deployment is now an essential element of the company’s business infrastructure and contributes to maintaining a major competitive advantage: the painstakingly built trust of customers.

Adways Simplifies Single-Sign-On Process and Security Protocols with BIG-IP APM

Adways Inc., involved in smartphone advertising, development and operation of media and applications, is streamlining its user authentication process for its employees from more than 200 different internal systems by creating a single authentication portal with F5’s application performance management solution.

Motorists Insurance Group Gives Customers A Seamless Experience With F5 + Okta Solution

Motorists Insurance Group needed to upgrade its online customer portal to reduce IT costs, provide a secure single sign-on customer experience, and shift its IT resources toward more strategic projects. Using a customized F5 and Okta security solution in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment, the company was able to deliver a seamless experience to insurance agents and their clients.

Pitney Bowes Achieves Greater Scale, Reliability for Global E-Commerce Platform with F5 + Okta

This global technology company has pushed the boundaries of technology for almost 100 years. Pitney Bowes continues to do so by using Okta + F5 Networks to help  their over 2.8 million users access new digital services through the Pitney Bowes’ Commerce Cloud. 

Bank Alfalah Delivers Enhanced Customer Experiences in the Digital Age with F5 Solution

As the fifth largest private bank in Pakistan with over 600 branches in 200 cities, Bank Alfalah has set its sights firmly on becoming the preferred banking partner for the region. The bank turned to F5 to strengthen its core services to continue delivering a superior customer experience.

ET Net Enhances Security and Performance of Financial Information Provider with F5

As one of Hong Kong’s largest securities firms, ET Net strives to provide a reliable and agile financial information platform involving more than 100 financial institutions, including leading retail and commercial banks.  With digital transformation changing the financial industry, the firm needed to strengthen its security and network capabilities in order to effectively handle ever-increasing traffic. By deploying F5 solutions, the organization boosted efficiency and enhanced network security without compromising high-speed performance. 

Alfacart Transforms Business with Shift to the Cloud Using F5 Solutions

Originally set up as an e-commerce extension of the popular brick-and-mortar Alfamart convenience stores in Indonesia, Alfaonline reinvented itself as, an online store and marketplace connected to more than 13,000 Alfamart outlets across the country. To facilitate this major transformation, the company turned to F5 to help strengthen its application security and web traffic management.

Hansung University Improves Security Posture and Consolidates Network Equipment with F5

Hansung University needed to improve their security posture and enhance the performance of applications during the course registration period due to the heavy traffic from thousands of students at the same time. By consolidating security solutions and network equipment with F5, the university protected itself from cyberattacks, provided a reliable end-user experience, lightened its operational workload, and reduced its maintenance costs by 20 percent.

Infosys Increases Efficiency and Security of its Corporate IT Infrastructure

Infosys is India’s second largest IT services company. Headquartered in Bangalore, it has over 1000 clients with revenues of USD 10.5Bn and market capitalisation of USD 42Bn. Infosys has offices in 50+ countries, and has over 198,000 employees.

Managing the massive amount of data traffic had caused a strain on its infrastructure. Business teams needed to find a way to consolidate their requirements, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and simplify the system.

Through the implementation of F5’s solutions Infosys has been able to optimize its data centre infrastructure to ensure availability, security, and performance of their intranet apps to meet both current and future requirements.

Philippines Government Social Security Organization Secures e-Services

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), a social insurance institution that provides a defined benefit scheme under the law for public sector employees in the Philippines (except uniformed personnel and contractual employees without employee-employer relationship with their agencies), had plans to introduce online services to its members. It turned to F5 for a one-stop solution to effectively deliver and protect applications and website. In the process, it also wielded control and visibility into their web traffic.

ELCA Provides Highly Available, Online, Peak Load Protection Based on F5 Solutions

A sudden onrush of customers can quickly bring down online transaction systems. As an antidote, ELCA developed a highly available and scalable peak protection solution, PeakProtect, for its SecuTix ticketing platform. Based on F5 Application Delivery Controllers, the solution is now available as a service and can be activated in front of any other online system.

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Enhances Performance and Access to Its Banking Services with F5 Solutions

The Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, Bangladesh's first joint-venture bank, was exploring ways to ensure peak performance and availability of their Core Banking, Mobile Banking, Agent Banking,  Switching and Internet banking applications across three data centers. Leveraging a high-performance F5 solution, the bank managed to reduce system downtime and vastly improve end user experience.