Case Studies Archivieren Search Case Studies Provides Youth Protection Using F5 Solutions

There are various tools to protect children and juveniles from inappropriate content on the internet. These, however, take a lot of effort to install and configure. Using products by F5, the Swiss internet provider was able to create an interface through which setting youth protection features is a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Von der Lastverteilung zur sicheren Plattform – Nexinto baut auf F5 als langjährigen Partner

Nexinto ist Lösungspartner für das Management geschäftskritischer IT-Systeme und unterstützt Unternehmen umfassend bei der digitalen Transformation. Im Fokus steht dabei die maximale Synchronisation von IT-Ressourcen an ihr Business. Für seine multinationalen Kunden gestaltet und realisiert Nexinto bedarfsgerechte IT-Lösungen. In diesem Markt sind neben Schnelligkeit und Innovation verlässliche Partner gefordert. Die Zusammenarbeit von Nexinto und F5 begann vor vielen Jahren im Bereich Loadbalancing – sukzessive wurde die eingesetzte Lösung immer weiter um verschiedene Security-Module wie ASM (Application Security Manager), AFM (Advanced Firewall Manager) und APM (Access Policy Manager) erweitert. Damit unterstützt F5 Nexinto dabei, die Bedürfnisse ihrer Kunden, die vorrangig im Sektor E-Commerce tätig sind, zu erfüllen.

The unbelievable Machine Company steigert Performance und Sicherheit für Cloud-Services mit F5

Der Cloud Anbieter und Big Data Spezialist The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) aus Berlin gewährleistet hohe Performance und Sicherheit. Durch neuste Technologien, eine große Expertise und maximale Flexibilität kann *um die individuellen und anspruchsvollen Anforderungen seiner Kunden – aufstrebende Internet-Start-ups und große Konzerne – umsetzen. Auf diese Weise verschafft *um seinen Kunden Wettbewerbsvorteile.

FiberCorp Helps Customers Digitally Transform with a Virtualized F5 Solution

Telecommunications service provider FiberCorp needed to replace its application delivery service platform with a virtualization component to help its clients digitally transform. An F5 Networks solution made it possible for FiberCorp to offer customers different proposals for virtualized infrastructure, such as servers and data centers, which allow the management optimization of large volumes of data. 

ODN Uses F5 Solutions for Caching, Load Balancing, and DDoS Protection

Internet service provider ODN needed to replace its server farm, which was quickly becoming outdated. With F5 solutions, the company was able to utilize a central source for caching, load balancing, and DDoS protection. ODN now benefits from standardized, reliable, and future-proof systems that can be managed systematically.

Jeju Air Ensures Scalable and Secured SSL Web application with F5

Jeju Air, the fastest-growing major airline in Korea, sought to enhance its online event promotions to expand touchpoints with consumers. It needed a solution to handle traffic surges, strengthen its system security, and guarantee service...

F5 Helps Drive Telenor Denmark’s Digital Services Transformation

Telenor Denmark is working with F5 to fuel its transition from traditional telco to multifaceted digital services provider.

DataSpring Launch Innovative Data Center to Expand Reach and Impact

DataSpring Launch Innovative Data Center to Expand Reach and Impact

Joors and F5 Networks: Connecting the Unconnected

Swedish web pioneers Joors, together with F5 Networks, has devised a solution that enables mobile operators anywhere in the world to bring affordable connectivity to users via innovative business-models such as ad-funded access.

Vivo Uses F5 Solutions for the New Vivo Secure Web Application Service

Vivo, a Brazilian telecom provider with $11 billion in revenue in 2015, launched its own cloud-based security service for small- and mid-sized businesses. The new Vivo Secure Web Application uses F5 technology to protect customers’ web applications.

IDC Frontier Uses F5 to Migrate Customers to the Cloud or Hosted Datacenters

IDC Frontier provides various services including cloud, housing, and data analysis. By combining multiple, scalable units, virtualized to support multi-tenancy, IDC Frontier can offer the services faster and on a monthly subscription basis. Introducing BIG-IP made it easy for IDC Frontier to accommodate and migrate customers’ systems—growing their customer base and increasing the number of hosted systems.

Fujitsu Uses F5 to Build Self-Portal Technology that Configures Network Changes in Real Time

Information and communications technology company, Fujitsu Limited, wanted to eliminate the paperwork and three-day turnaround it took to configure and reflect changes made to a customer’s network. Using F5, Fujitsu built a self-service portal that automated customers’ modification requests and showed new configuration changes in real time.

Tier-1 Mobile Operator Secures Its 4G-LTE Environment Using F5 Carrier-Class Firewall

As this Tier-1 4G-LTE provider’s network grew, so did its challenge to ensure reliable and scalable security. Exponential growth of advanced devices and 4G-LTE services also strained its security architecture’s ability to handle a rapidly changing threat landscape. Consequently, the company employed F5 network solutions to secure its network with a flexible, highly programmable, and high-performing carrier-class network firewall. 

CyberAgent implements private cloud solution with F5’s VIPRION to strengthen development environment and improve speed and flexibility

Founded in 1998, CyberAgent Inc. is one of Japan’s leading internet services companies. Initially established to provide internet advertising services, it has since expanded into the business of providing blogs, games, and online community services to smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.

now TV Deploys F5’s Application Delivery Controller To Give Customers Optimal Video Streaming Services On-The-Go

now TV is Hong Kong’s leading pay-TV operator and one of the world’s largest commercial deployments of IPTV. It is a service provided by PCCW Media Limited in Hong Kong and delivers more than 180 channels of local, Asian and...

China Telecom Jiangsu Branch: Active-active Datacenter to Optimize Resources

China Telecommunications Corporation is one of China’s leading telecom operator. As an integrated information service provider, China Telecom provides the largest integrated information service solutions, which covers broad-band internet...

Omnifone delivers music on demand for millions of people all around the world

Recognised by the British government as one of the UK’s most innovative companies, Omnifone is at the forefront of the thriving digital music industry.  It relies on F5’s application delivery platform to help it serve up a choice of 38 million tracks to global music fans in 45 countries – in less than a second. 

Lebanese Internet Service Provider prepares for growth with F5 VIPRION platform

As the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Lebanon, IDM provides Internet access for 60% of the country’s corporate market and over 50% of the consumer market.  It chose F5® VIPRION® to scale up its network and deliver a high quality online experience for growing numbers of subscribers. 

Aura Information Security Blocks Malicious Traffic with F5 Security Solution

New Zealand based Aura Information Security is one of the country’s leading and fastest growing information security consulting companies. With operations spanning across Australia and New Zealand, Aura provides a wide range of service ranging...

HOSTING Creates a Versatile Cloud Solution for Mid-Sized Enterprises

Denver-based HOSTING needed a customizable traffic steering solution that could flex with the variable needs of its customers. Adopting LineRate by F5 gave HOSTING the elasticity and programmability to meet the needs of an important customer...