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ODN nutzt aktuelle F5-Lösungen für Caching, Lastverteilung und DDoS-Schutz

Da die bisherige Serverfarm in die Jahre gekommen war, entschied sich das Internet-Systemhaus ODN zur Aktualisierung der Systeme. Mit den Lösungen von F5 erhält das Unternehmen Caching, Lastverteilung und DDoS-Schutz aus einer Hand. Damit profitiert es von standardisierten, verlässlichen und zukunftsfähigen Systemen, die übersichtlich zu verwalten sind.

Hansung University Improves Security Posture and Consolidates Network Equipment with F5

Hansung University needed to improve their security posture and enhance the performance of applications during the course registration period due to the heavy traffic from thousands of students at the same time. By consolidating security solutions and network equipment with F5, the university protected itself from cyberattacks, provided a reliable end-user experience, lightened its operational workload, and reduced its maintenance costs by 20 percent.

Infosys Increases Efficiency and Security of its Corporate IT Infrastructure

Infosys is India’s second largest IT services company. Headquartered in Bangalore, it has over 1000 clients with revenues of USD 10.5Bn and market capitalisation of USD 42Bn. Infosys has offices in 50+ countries, and has over 198,000 employees.

Managing the massive amount of data traffic had caused a strain on its infrastructure. Business teams needed to find a way to consolidate their requirements, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and simplify the system.

Through the implementation of F5’s solutions Infosys has been able to optimize its data centre infrastructure to ensure availability, security, and performance of their intranet apps to meet both current and future requirements.

Philippines Government Social Security Organization Secures e-Services

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), a social insurance institution that provides a defined benefit scheme under the law for public sector employees in the Philippines (except uniformed personnel and contractual employees without employee-employer relationship with their agencies), had plans to introduce online services to its members. It turned to F5 for a one-stop solution to effectively deliver and protect applications and website. In the process, it also wielded control and visibility into their web traffic.

Idaho Government Agency Simplifies Secure Access to Microsoft Office 365 with F5 Solution

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare needed to implement a secure, federated single sign-on capability for internal systems and Microsoft Office 365. The agency chose F5 access policy and security solutions to simplify identity and access management. The result is a more flexible IT environment with strong security and fewer systems to maintain.

ODN Uses F5 Solutions for Caching, Load Balancing, and DDoS Protection

Internet service provider ODN needed to replace its server farm, which was quickly becoming outdated. With F5 solutions, the company was able to utilize a central source for caching, load balancing, and DDoS protection. ODN now benefits from standardized, reliable, and future-proof systems that can be managed systematically.

Port Authority Boosts Security and Performance in the Cloud to Scale for Growth

The Port Authority of Jamaica consolidated operations and improved efficiency by deploying a Port Community System in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Through an integrated solution optimized by F5 technology, the organization boosted the system’s performance, secured critical data, and gained the flexibility and scalability required to scale for future growth.

F5 Helps Drive Telenor Denmark’s Digital Services Transformation

Telenor Denmark is working with F5 to fuel its transition from traditional telco to multifaceted digital services provider.

DWCLA Deploys BIG-IP Solutions to Consolidate Network Equipment, Build Basic SSO Framework

Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts (DWCLA) migrated its core internal IT systems to the cloud and deployed Office 365 in September 2016. It chose F5 BIG-IP solutions to consolidate network equipment in a private cloud solution and enable SSO for access to multiple discrete systems. DWCLA aims to fully exploit all the functionality BIG-IP solutions have to offer going forward.

University of Technology Sydney Consolidates IT Services to Increase Efficiency and Security with F5

Founded in 1988, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a multi-campus tertiary institution in Sydney, Australia. The college was placed fourth across the country in the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) Leiden Ranking 2015 and 14th global young university, based on universities less than 50 years old.

UTS began to undertake a strategic development program of its IT infrastructure in late 2015, to consolidate existing core load balancing, web application firewall (WAF) and remote virtual private network (VPN) services onto a single platform – all of which were provided by three different vendors. The point solutions lacked automation, high availability, appropriate security, separate maintenance contracts and required specialist IT administrator skills. 

Central Tanshi FX Co. Rebuilds Its System Infrastructure, Increases Service Speed with F5

Foreign exchange trading company Central Tanshi FX Co., Ltd. needed a solution to accelerate customer transactions by unifying its firewall and various network appliances. With the F5 BIG-IP platform, the company has dramatically increased service speeds, improved security, and reduced operational costs.

IDC Frontier Uses F5 to Migrate Customers to the Cloud or Hosted Datacenters

IDC Frontier provides various services including cloud, housing, and data analysis. By combining multiple, scalable units, virtualized to support multi-tenancy, IDC Frontier can offer the services faster and on a monthly subscription basis. Introducing BIG-IP made it easy for IDC Frontier to accommodate and migrate customers’ systems—growing their customer base and increasing the number of hosted systems.

Fujitsu Uses F5 to Build Self-Portal Technology that Configures Network Changes in Real Time

Information and communications technology company, Fujitsu Limited, wanted to eliminate the paperwork and three-day turnaround it took to configure and reflect changes made to a customer’s network. Using F5, Fujitsu built a self-service portal that automated customers’ modification requests and showed new configuration changes in real time.

The University of Tsukuba Gains Advanced Firewall and DDoS Defense Using Single, Scalable Solution

The University of Tsukuba needed productive measures to counter DDoS attacks. Using F5, the institution gained an integrated, proactive approach that stopped its DNS infrastructure from becoming prey to targeted assaults. 

IPC, a SUBWAY® Franchisee-Owned Organization, Streamlines and Future-Proofs IT Infrastructure and Operations

With thousands of franchisees relying on its services, Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc. (IPC), a SUBWAY® franchisee-owned organization, replaced its Citrix virtual networking appliances with an F5 solution. As a result, IPC was able to consolidate and unify several application delivery services on a single platform, simplify its IT infrastructure and operations, and establish a solid, flexible platform that will accommodate IPC’s future growth and technology goals. 

MageMojo Boosts Security and Ensures Availability Using F5 Solution

Magento e-commerce hosting provider MageMojo needed to improve security after a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that took its site offline on Cyber Monday. Consolidating its DDoS mitigation and firewall needs in a...

Bournemouth University Increases Capability with a Consolidated Solution from F5

When Bournemouth University decided to upgrade its IT infrastructure, its wish list was long. It wanted to replace several software load balancers, install a high-capacity firewall, and implement application-layer security. The...