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Production Ready is not User Ready

by: Lori MacVittie

Continuous delivery is the penultimate goal of organizations’ embracing DevOps. It is not the ultimate goal, because that would continuous deployment. Much ado is made in the alleyways of DevOps with respect to the ability to deliver...

Virtualize to Scale on Demand: Dynamic Service Function Chaining in the S/Gi-LAN

by: Patricia Du

F5's Patricia Du discusses service provider topics, including how value-added services improve the customer experience by controlling traffic based on user profiles, network policies, and application characteristics.

Three Things App Security is Not

by: Lori MacVittie

App security is a lot of things, but sometimes we need to stop and consider what it isn’t, particularly as the volume and frequency of applications developed and deployed to meet the insatiable demand continues to rise. 1. Not a high priority A...

Are your business apps a cause for concern?

by: Shahnawaz Backer

Commentary from F5's Shahnawaz Backer on Asia Pacific’s rise in global fintech investments, along with the related security considerations.

IDaaS, Everything but the Directory Sync

by: Mark Campbell

Commentary from F5's Mark Campbell on how SaaS and the subscription-based delivery of business applications have become a preferred consumption model.

Serverless isn’t about servers, it’s about apps

by: Lori MacVittie

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the concept of “serverless computing.” That could be because it’s quite erroneously named. It’s not about servers or computing.


by: Guido Vosmeer

パブリッククラウドに関するエキサイティングなニュースをお伝えします。BIG-IP仮想アプライアンス(Virtual Edition:VE)が、ついにGoogleクラウドでも利用可能となりました。企業の間ではGoogleクラウドの採用が広がっていますが、F5は業界をリードするアプリケーションデリバリサービスを、Google Compute...


by: Guido Vosmeer



by: Guido Vosmeer

私たちはすでに、スマートフォンから車の機能や能力をアップグレードできる時代に生きています。また新たな世界を開拓するために会ったこともない人々の協力を得ることもできます。そしていつでもあらゆるデバイスから、重要な個人情報にアクセスすることも可能になっています。 イノベーター達はシェアリングエコノミーやIoT、マシンラーニングの限界を押し広げています。これによって私達が意識すらしていなかった様々な制約が、一夜にして解消されてしまうということも起きています。 いまや世界を動かしているのはアプ...

Good Enough is only Good Enough Until It Isn’t

by: Lori MacVittie

Then it’s too late to cajole frustrated customers to come back. They’ve already found another provider of whatever it was you were trying to sell them.

Nearly Half of Orgs Hit by Smokescreen DDoS Attacks

by: Lori MacVittie

Information security is rife with military terminology. That’s unsurprising, given the abstract relationship between the opposing forces; one trying to attack while the other defends. Modern DDoS attacks are surprisingly simplistic, in strategy at...

构筑智慧云 迈向新高度

by: 黄彦文

连续举办多年且受到中国市场广泛关注的F5 Agility...