ボックスを追加すると複雑さが増すため、システム管理を簡素化する方法が必要です。そこで便利なのがBIG-IQ Centralized Managementです。ライセンシングからポリシー、トラフィックからセキュリティに至るまで、すべてを単一ペインから表示できます。

BIG-IQ tracks assets, manages policies, delivers analytics, and provides central reporting and licensing for the following F5 products:

  • BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
  • BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM)
  • BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM)
  • BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM)
  • F5 Secure Web Gateway Services
  • F5 WebSafe and F5 MobileSafe (monitoring only)

BIG-IQ supports physical and virtual BIG-IP devices and the VIPRION platform. When combined with F5’s new per-app VE devices, BIG-IQ provides the management plane for BIG-IP Cloud Edition.

Application-centric Management with BIG-IP Cloud Edition

While BIG-IQ provides single pane-of-glass management of all your F5 solutions, it also delivers application-specific management. And together, BIG-IQ and per-app VEs form BIG-IP Cloud Edition—a new solution for enabling DevOps and application developers to manage their own network services. With BIG-IP Cloud Edition, the network administrator can empower the team to view the health and security of their application, modify network services, and even spin up or spin down virtual BIG-IP instances as their business needs change.

BIG-IQ does this through 4 key technologies:

Roles-based Access Control

Use standard roles or create custom ones to provide development teams with the tools they need to deliver applications.

Application Analytics

Manage services with both big-picture and application-specific dashboards. You’ll see the health and performance of your applications at a glance, and if you see a problem, you can drill down to find and correct the bottleneck.


Use advanced analytics to automatically spin up or spin down VMware- or AWS-based BIG-IP instances on demand.

Application and Device Templates

Create templates of a single device or of all the configuration settings specific to an application. Use them to manually or automatically roll out new applications or additional devices for existing apps. Templates are configurable and can be assigned to user roles.

TMOS 11.4以前のバージョンを実行している場合

Enterprise Managerは、TMOS 11.4以前を搭載しているBIG-IPデバイスの管理コストや管理の複雑さを大幅に軽減します。システムの単一ペイン ビューから、アプリケーション パフォーマンスを最適化し、一般的なタスクを自動化することができます。また、仮想アプライアンスで使用して、BIG-IQ Centralized Managementの将来のバージョンにシームレスに移行することもできます。