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We didn’t know you needed…

by: Lori MacVittie

Many folks eschew the “cultural” component associated with DevOps. But bound up in “culture” is “communication,” and communication is critical to success not just of DevOps, but for any automation and orchestration efforts in the enterprise.


A10やCitrixを圧倒する、F5 BIG-IP iシリーズのSSLパフォーマンス

by: Guido Vosmeer

SSLの利用が爆発的に拡大し、第三者による解読が不可能な暗号アルゴリズムへのニーズが高まることで、PFS(Perfect Forward Secrecy:前方秘匿性)を実現できるECC(Elliptic Curve...

【イベントレポート】F5がパートナー8社と共に築く、App セキュリティの未来『 #f5socjp キックオフミーティング』

by: Junichi otsuka



by: Guido Vosmeer



by: Guido Vosmeer



F5 BIG-IP iシリーズ vs. Citrix & A10、SSLパフォーマンス比較

by: Guido Vosmeer

F5が実施した実機テストによれば、新たにリリースされたF5 BIG-IP iシリーズは、比較対象となる他社デバイス(同価格帯の他社製品)に比べ、SSL ECC TPSが5倍高速であることがわかりました。

【イベントレポート】楽しみながらF5を知り、家族と会社をつなぐ夏休み。子どもたちのF5ビジネス体験『第二回 F5 Family Day』。

by: Yoriko Obokata

F5ネットワークスジャパン合同会社(以下、F5)では、7月29日(金)『第二回F5 Family Day』が、F5東京オフィスにて開催され、総勢37名の社員およびその家族が参加しました。


What SaaS teaches us about automating network infrastructure

by: Lori MacVittie

The success of SaaS is largely due to companies being able to identify and encapsulate in software commoditized business processes. The same holds true for network and infrastructure teams inside the business.

Dissecting the Data Path: A primer on app services

by: Lori MacVittie

For several years now, my cohort Cindy Borovick and I have conducted, compiled, and analyzed thousands of responses from IT professionals across the globe in response to our State of Application Delivery surveys. The primary focus of this survey...


Intelligent Inspection Zone for Optimized Security

by: Shahnawaz Backer

Technology is transforming the way we do business. It has brought ease and timelines. We do not have to stand in queues for paying utility bills or getting a taxi anymore. Our smartphone tells us...

3 Things Holding You Back from Embracing DevOps

by: Lori MacVittie

Executives aren’t nearly as giddy over DevOps as those in the trenches, and the answer may be found in one of these three key concerns.


Security Habits of the Highly Confident

by: Lori MacVittie

Insights from the 2017 State of Application Delivery – Executives and security professionals alike are a pragmatic bunch, at least in terms of their confidence levels in withstanding application layer attacks.

Cloud Scalability

Turns out SDN is Not Dead Yet

by: Lori MacVittie

SDN, which started out with a roar, was last seen whimpering by the side of the technology highway watching containers and DevOps speed by on their way to an invite-only party in the enterprise without so much as glancing back at the recent...

Why Equality Balances the Boardroom Books

by: Lizzie Cohen-Laloum

F5 Senior Vice President Lizzie Cohen-Laloum explores how achieving balanced executive dynamics and a broader range of strategic perspectives contribute to a robust chain of command.

Security Cloud Performance Scalability

Why Public Cloud is Embracing FPGAs and You Should Too

by: Lori MacVittie

Amidst the rush of consumer-facing ads and releases during the 2016 holiday season, Amazon made quite a stir when it announced it was embracing hardware.