Since 2006, HP and F5 have collaborated to resolve business and technology challenges for enterprise customers. F5 is a member of the HP AllianceONE program, with affiliations in Security, Networking, and Enterprise Management specialties. This alliance provides a best-of-breeds technology choice for customers looking to increase business efficiency, by aligning business challenges with IT infrastructures.


By using F5 BIG-IP solutions, combined with physical and virtual solutions from HP data centers and network infrastructure, customers can drive IT agility—ensuring high levels of performance, security, and availability, at the lowest possible cost. Together, HP and F5 have deployed solutions and services offerings to strategic outsourcing customers, enterprise commercial companies, and public sector organizations around the world, helping them all keep their applications and IT infrastructures running seamlessly. With these joint solutions, customers can easily address latency issues without investing in additional bandwidth, can optimize network performance to meet application initiatives, and can consolidate infrastructure to meet ongoing growth challenges.

HP Networking Solutions

HP Networking delivers a differentiated portfolio of edge to core and data center networking solutions that enable customers to harness the power of joint solutions and accelerate business growth at a lower total cost of ownership.


F5, a member of the HP AllianceOne program, provides strategic points of control in the data center to ensure high availability, accelerate applications, and provide incremental security. When F5 solutions are combined with HP Networking and Intelligent Management Center (IMC) capabilities, a fluid and responsive infrastructure emerges, helping companies align IT functions to constantly changing business needs.


Organizations need to extend networks to accommodate growth, but managing sprawling networks with a wide range of applications and services can quickly drive up IT costs. F5 extends the flexibility and availability of the HP Networking applications that IT departments trust, while further increasing efficiency and availability. Integrating reliable F5 solutions with the proven HP Reference Architecture results in a compatible solution that not only improves network functionality, but that also simplifies IT management and application responsiveness through IMC as a "single pane of glass."


Integrated IT management

Reduce the strain on virtual machines and increase capacity by offloading CPU-intensive network services like SSL termination, caching, and compression.

Optimized data center

Balance traffic from virtual services and from virtual desktops by using industry-leading layer 7 intelligence, and automate administration tasks for streamlined management.

Improved business continuity

Intelligently direct traffic among virtual machines across multiple data centers while redirecting traffic automatically in the event of a disaster at any data center.

Optimized application performance

Manage all application services across multiple sites with a single framework that routes global traffic to the closest and most logical data center to maximize performance and availability.

HP Software Solutions

HP is an industry leader in software solutions, with an integrated portfolio of software, services, hardware, and partner technologies to create and support robust IT environments. CIOs rely on the HP suite of products and technologies to realize the new realities of a cloud-enabled world, manage business threats and risk, and deliver competitive differentiation.


F5 Application Delivery Controllers provide strategic points of control in the data center, ensuring high availability, accelerated applications, and enhanced security. When F5 solutions are combined with HP Software, customers can achieve a fluid and responsive infrastructure that aligns IT—including virtualization, automation, and security strategies—to constantly changing business needs.


Organizations invest revenue, personnel resources, and time in enterprise solutions to meet the needs of employees and other constituents. Adapting new, and sometimes divergent, solutions can be costly both during and after a deployment, and further stratify an IT environment. F5 solutions integrate with HP Software solutions to extend the value of applications—simplifying deployment and ongoing maintenance while minimizing downtime.


Enhanced security

Identify critical traffic and security events, provide unified monitoring and management, and gain rich security reporting with comprehensive audit trails for improved compliance.

Centralized management

Manage applications across multiple sites from a central location, including scalable and dynamic configuration, backup, and restoration.

Improved visibility and accountability

Maintain audit trails for network, device, and configuration changes in real-time and get accurate historical documentation for improved traceability.

Manage traffic intelligently

Route traffic among virtual machines to closest, most logical data centers to maximize performance and availability.

Increased efficiency through automation

Automate standard IT tasks with out-of-the-box workflows and standardized IT processes to increase quality, reduce errors, and save costs.

HP Technology Services Solutions

The HP Technology Services group focuses on helping organizations improve IT operations and transition to new technologies, such as virtualization, cloud computing, and HP Converged Infrastructure. HP service offerings span IT environments: data centers, storage systems, enterprise software, communications networks, desktop computers, mobile devices and printers.


HP Technology Services works with F5 to develop solutions with the BIG-IP family of products—solutions that help customers drive value from their data centers. These solutions use a proven project methodology combined with a flexible, modular approach to align with customers' business and technology needs. The result is relevant business outcomes and end-to-end, fully integrated IT solutions.


The complexity of corporate networks has extended to serve new technologies and configurations. Companies that expand into multiple locations and business sectors develop unique issues with IT infrastructure that one-size-fits-all solutions cannot solve. HP Technology Services has partnered with F5 to provide customers with solutions that address business needs.


Optimized data center applications

Take advantage of built-in application optimization with F5 solutions and ensure a high-availability data center.

Increased application performance

Build networks that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and deliver applications that are available and running at peak performance.

Improved user experience

Meet service level agreements with business users through improved application performance, flexibility, and availability across the network.

Streamlined deployment and integration

Reduce the complexity of deployments by integrating solutions and consolidating the devices spread across the infrastructure into a single data center.

“IT needs to move at the speed of the organization, but legacy application, network, and user configuration practices are barriers to achieving this necessary agility. Through HP Virtual Application Networks and our collaboration with F5, clients will be able to virtualize and automate the entire configuration process—from application to network to user—based on policy-driven management, enabling them to deploy applications to users in minutes, not weeks or months."


–Bethany Mayer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networking, HP