RT @F5Labs: [In Review] #ThinkPHP attackers are now hiding behind a publicly available #API testing service instead of using th… https://t.co/huTYo10FKF
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“Introduction to #servicemesh with #Istio”: https://t.co/3TgtdPF816 via @NetworkComputin cc: @AspenMesh
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“#AI is not magic – It’s time to demystify and apply”: https://t.co/in4kQ8rMpa via @InformationWeek
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[Report] Find out how telecom respondents answered in our 2019 State of #AppServices Survey:… https://t.co/frOA6Rr0PG
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Read about parallels between #cybersecurity and the martial arts in a recent @F5Labs blog: https://t.co/xZT8sp4fyz https://t.co/NQWQ4J8RiL
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.@lmacvittie warns that containers should not be typcast into a narrow role. Here's why: https://t.co/w7FkeiyD0jhttps://t.co/Pwsy58RBlH
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Don't miss the results of our #devopsdaysNYC Pain Pebble Survey & learn about our quarterly #DevOps giveaway:… https://t.co/x4sLjo7JiH
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“Understanding #Kubernetes today: Misconceptions, challenges and opportunities”: https://t.co/zXAYSIKDnX via @cloud_comp_news #containers
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“Network functions virtualisation influence spreads as shift to #5G accelerates”: https://t.co/N1HzBNg0KD via @Info_Sec_Buzz
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“Take a deeper look at deep learning”: https://t.co/q9U57EiRIY via @InformationWeek #AI
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“#IoT in 2019: What can we expect?” https://t.co/7ZGzQ9TXAg via @Forbes
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If you’re not inspecting SSL/TLS traffic, you will miss attacks, and leave your business vulnerable. Get to know F5… https://t.co/wkgS7ANr79
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"Declarative onboarding for BIG-IP" by @lmacvittie: https://t.co/GSXxxXuFm6 #CTO #BIGIP https://t.co/nsEvp6ls0q
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Congratulations to the 2019 @devcentral MVPs: https://t.co/OaXUFFRDXW https://t.co/drHlXJNfCn
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[Press Release] "F5 Enables #5G Services with New Solutions for Service Providers": https://t.co/xHu1EvyqEW #NFV https://t.co/wsnOC8CcCW
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“F5 Networks highlight the importance of Network Slicing in the #5G era”: https://t.co/z6KGwQX3qd via @TelecomReviewME #mobile
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“#IoT is ready to go fully mainstream”: https://t.co/prQiYQXNts via @ITProPortal #5G
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RT @KUOW: "Rare shot of F5 Tower engaging its cloaking device." Taken with a drone while flying over a parking garage in… https://t.co/UBW7uWHlPX
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