“@AspenMesh Beta simplifies service mesh implementation”: https://t.co/dODcNbgTSz via @tfir_io #KubeCon #servicemesh
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"Protecting machine identity with @Venafi and F5" by Frank Strobel (@IoTNetSec): https://t.co/c5vSexLgtD #security https://t.co/RXQUBvrHda
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If you're exploring a digital transformation, this on-demand webinar as part of the #12DaysOfDevOps will help with… https://t.co/mAxDHIa0Ns
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[Blog] "Service meshes and app modernization" by @lmacvittie: https://t.co/9VRQhmAzsj #containers https://t.co/7joPLMB8J6
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"The 13 most in-demand tech jobs for 2019 — and how to hire for them": https://t.co/WXHdgFeVxI via @CIOonline #IoT #DevOps #cloud
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"The #privatecloud is now a peripheral to the #publiccloud": https://t.co/PM2ppcl3D4 via @infoworld #cloud
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"@AspenMesh beta now available for microservice infrastructures": https://t.co/UKrvuhjlrQ via @helpnetsecurity… https://t.co/Xtmk1Y15Gw
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BIG-IP #Cloud Edition: Fast, simple to manage, generally awesome! Find out more: https://t.co/OmP0tKk58P https://t.co/X7vdNXSnQi
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