article / 11月 15, 2016 (MODIFIED: 3月 03, 2017)

Old Protocols, New Exploits: LDAP Unwittingly Serves DDoS Amplification Attacks

A new DDoS attack vector that leverages LDAP for reflection-amplification attacks is seeing increased usage.

article / 10月 06, 2016 (MODIFIED: 4月 18, 2017)

Mirai: The IoT Bot that Took Down Krebs and Launched a Tbps Attack on OVH

The Mirai botnet has infected hundreds of thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, specifically security cameras, by using vendor default passwords for Telnet access.

article / 6月 01, 2016 (MODIFIED: 1月 27, 2017)

Thanks to Anonymous' Latest Toolset, Anyone Can Play the DDoS Game

Anonymous commoditizes well-known DDoS attacks by making easy-to-use tools, available to even the most unsophisticated user.

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