blog / Oct 24, 2017

Help Guide the Future of Apps – Ultimately your Threat Landscape – by Responding to our SOAD Survey!

by Lori MacVittie

Every year, we try to pull back the curtain on the future of application delivery by looking at those trends and technologies that impact it the most. Containers. Cloud. Digital Transformation. Automation.

All have an impact on applications and their architectures, which in turn has significant implications for application delivery and the businesses that rely on them. High on that list of impacts on business and the professionals in IT that support them is security.

Last year, professionals in all roles and at every level of the organization told us they couldn’t imagine delivering an application without security services. Whether that’s a web application or network firewall, IDS or IPS, it’s clear that security is rising to the top of the list of serious challenges when it comes to deploying apps both in the cloud and at home, in the data center. That’s a serious shift in priorities over previous years– one that could change the application threat landscape-and one we suspect won’t be shifting back to availability or performance any time soon.

But we need your help to prove (or disprove) that belief.

We’re at that point in the year where the curtain is wide open and we’re actively seeking your opinion to help us sort out the state of application delivery today – and where it’s going. Your participation in our State of Application Delivery (SOAD) survey helps us understand where you are, where you’re going, and how that impacts applications and the security of their delivery.

Click here to participate in the SOAD 2018 survey.

MODIFIED: Nov 02, 2017

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