F5 and Cisco are partnering and offer an application-centric open approach for operationalizing the network that simplifies and automates end-to-end L2-L7 application delivery for existing and next-generation data centers.

F5 Device Package for Cisco APIC

The F5 Device Package for Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller™ (APIC) lets customers configure application policies and requirements for F5 appliances across L2–7 fabrics. This ensures that applications receive the services and resources they require throughout the network, while also enabling organizations to automate systems for further efficiency and cost savings. Download the F5 Device Package for Cisco APIC at no cost.

Download the F5 Device Package for Cisco APIC

Solution Overview

White Paper: Automate Application Deployment with F5 Local Traffic Manager and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Blog: Operationalizing The Network now available with F5 and Cisco ACI

"After end of life was announced for Cisco ACE, we chose F5 based on the platform’s ability to integrate and scale application services. We see the growing partnership between Cisco and F5 providing additional opportunities to enhance our infrastructure, particularly around Cisco ACI. Agile IT systems are a significant means of competitive differentiation for our business. As such, we’re currently evaluating the Cisco Nexus 9000 series with the F5 solution to more tightly couple L2-7 services and keep us well positioned going forward."

–Tim Robson, Sr. Network Analyst II at Erie Insurance

Community Expertise

Live Developer Q&A: Cisco ACI and F5 Synthesis – Under the Hood

Nathan Pearce | 2015年6月18日

Tuesday June 16th marked the first of a kind with representatives of both Cisco and F5 jointly participating in a Live Developer Q&A – how far we’ve come since the days of rivalry to now, working as closely aligned allies. [insert pic] ...

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F5 Agility 2015 EMEA – ACI with F5 & Cisco

Peter Silva | 2015年5月20日

Ravi Balakrishnan, Cisco Sr. Marketing Manager, discusses the Application Centric Infrastructure and how F5 & Cisco, former fierce competitors, have come together in a joint integrated solution to solve many customer challenges. Cisco’s SND...

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Cisco joins F5 at Agility EMEA for Application Centric Infrastructure solution sessions and demos

Jason Rahm | 2015年5月18日

Ravi Balakrishnan over at Cisco blogged yesterday about the upcoming F5 Agility event in Edinburgh, Scotland taking place this week. He'll be in person along with some colleagues to promote our joint solutions for the Cisco ACI framework...

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