F5 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have partnered to help you rapidly deploy application workloads without incurring the capital expenditures of new infrastructure. AWS is both the pioneer and leader in the public cloud marketplace, providing customers with the ability to provision and deploy application workloads in the AWS cloud—and only pay for the application and infrastructure resources as they are needed. You can now deploy the F5 BIG-IP platform in the AWS cloud utilizing either your own license via Bring Your Own License (BYOL) or an hourly license.

Moving your mission-critical applications to the cloud can be simplified by utilizing BIG-IP technologies with AWS. The BIG-IP platform ensures that you can maintain or improve the performance of your applications in the AWS cloud. And with the BIG-IP hourly pricing model, you can now extend beyond the physical data center without investing heavily in new infrastructure. When you use the BIG-IP platform in the AWS cloud, you get the flexibility and scalability you want—and the performance you need.

Deploy mission-critical applications in the AWS cloud

Extend your infrastructure beyond your physical data center—without pre-provisioned infrastructure.

Simplify cloud migration

Take full advantage of cloud resources as needed, then retreat within the data center as application performance allows.

Deliver applications on demand

Provide on-demand application availability by seamlessly “bursting” your application workloads to the AWS cloud.

Leverage flexible licensing models

Pay as you go for just what you need, while the performance and acceleration features in the BIG-IP platform help reduce your overall consumption requirements.

"For our purposes, the ability to only pay for what we need—when and how we need it—brings an extended set of application services within reach. With F5’s new offerings, we don’t have to commit to specific licenses or equipment up front, giving us the freedom to move additional IT capabilities and applications into the cloud without worrying about prohibitive costs or a lack of control."

– Yamen Bakr, Sr. Infrastructure Architect, Yellow Pages Group

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