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blog / 5 26, 2017

SambaCry: The Linux Sequel to WannaCry

With simple exploits plaguing Windows and Linux SMB week over week, do yourself a favor and patch for CVE-2017-7494 now to avoid having to do it in panic mode.

blog / 5 23, 2017

How a CISO Can Play a Role in Selling Security

More and more CISOs are finding themselves pulled into the sales cycle to defend and sell their security programs. Here’s how...

blog / 4 25, 2017

Internet, We (Still) Have a Problem with Internationalized Domain Names

Even URLs that look legitimate can be fake, so train, train, train your users to verify links before they click.

report / 5 10, 2017

THE HUNT FOR IoT: The Networks Building Death Star-Sized Botnets

With a growth rate of 1,373% in 2016, the hunt for vulnerable IoT devices rages on, and threat actors become more concentrate...

blog / 5 09, 2017

Can Your Risk Assessment Stand Up Under Scrutiny?

Risk assessments are a key part of a security program, but their execution and format are highly variable. Regulators can san...

blog / 5 25, 2017

How I Learned to Love Cyber Security

Cyber security can be a difficult and thankless job, but you can learn to love it when you know how to go about it.

blog / 5 04, 2017

Achieving Multi-Dimensional Security through Information Modeling – Part 1

Information modeling blends lateral thinking and deductive logic. Applied to information security, it’s a powerful technique ...