F5 and VMware—Delivering the Software-Defined Data Center

VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Customers of all sizes rely on VMware to reduce capital and operating expenses, ensure business continuity, strengthen security, and maintain a competitive edge. F5 brings significant increases in performance, scalability, and availability, as well as security to IT environments that run on VMware. Discover how F5 and VMware enable IT-as-a-Service on your journey to the Software-Defined Data Center.

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Existing network and data center architectures can be complex, costly to manage, and slow to respond to constant change. With shifting traffic patterns and the explosion of users, devices, and applications, organizations demand speed to innovation, reduced time to market, and an agile network. Combining VMware Software-Defined Data Center architectural approach and F5 Software Defined Application Services allows for increased agility, faster application deployments, and better data center economics.

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Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Model

F5 can help you improve security and control for your private, public, or hybrid VMware cloud infrastructure while delivering streamlined user access. F5 also offers the ability to deploy F5 software in the vCloud Hybrid Service to ensure application availability in both the data center and vCloud Hybrid Service – all on a single platform.

Provision BIG-IP services faster

VMware and F5 have integrated F5 BIG-IQ Cloud with VMware vCloud Networking and Security. This integration enables IT organizations to provision and configure F5 BIG-IP application delivery networking services seamlessly as part of the natural application provisioning workflow within vCloud Suite.

Secure Your Cloud

BIG-IP Application Security Manager provides an application firewall service that secures and protects administrator and user access to the vCloud Suite. As more applications are migrated to the cloud, it becomes vital to secure cloud administration consoles from attack.

Scale Computing on Demand

vCloud Suite enables applications to automatically adjust to changing traffic patterns, network conditions, and other factors. BIG-IP integrates with vCloud Suite to respond automatically to your changing application needs. For example, as vCloud Suite application instances are added or removed for elasticity, BIG-IP can be dynamically and automatically modified in response.

Simplify BIG-IP Configurations

BIG-IP iApps are pre-configured policy templates that encapsulate and abstract an entire application delivery service configuration. iApps facilitate self-service consumption within vCloud Suite by users who are not comfortable or authorized to configure BIG-IP services independently. This helps the network provider team control network policies, while giving consumers immediate access to BIG-IP services.

Enhance Application
Availability Everywhere

The challenges of moving workloads to the cloud while maintaining application availability and mature management tools have limited public cloud adoption to secondary or even test workloads. Now customers have the ability to bring their F5 licenses to vCloud Hybrid Service, ensuring availability within the traditional data center and in the VMware cloud.

Increase Efficiency, Automation,
and Business Continuity

The ability to deploy F5 software in the vCloud Hybrid Service ensures application availability in both the data center and the vCloud Hybrid Service. Customers now have the ability to adopt vCloud Hybrid Service for automated disaster recovery and business continuity (DR\BC), hybrid cloud application deployments, cloud bursting, and global application availability.

VMware Horizon with View

Secure access, single sign-on, load balancing, and server health monitoring are just some of the ways F5 improves the user experience and manageability for VMware end-user computing.

VMware Horizon with View enables you to deliver rich, personalized virtual desktops to users while increasing your business agility, control, and security. But maintaining performance, availability, and a good user experience—no matter where users are or which device they’re using—is critical to the success of your VMware Horizon with View implementation.

With F5’s proven solutions for VMware Horizon with View, you can ensure that users enjoy fast, simple, and secure access to their virtual desktops. You gain greater access control and server efficiency while delivering high performance, high availability, and a more productive environment for your business.

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Horizon with View Optimized Secure
Access & Traffic Management

F5 and VMware have worked closely together to make it easy for our joint customers to provide secure access control, traffic management and optimized performance for their VMware Horizon with View deployments with optimized virtual editions of F5 Access Policy Manager. The VMware View Access Policy Manager virtualized editions are available in a range of throughput and concurrent user options to support customers of any size and scale.


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Our customized iApps make it possible to fully deploy in as little as two hours. Our cost effective licensing makes it easy to adopt.

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Download our recommended practices guide for designing a joint F5 and VMware Horizon View deployment using the F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager(APM) Virtual Edition optimized for VMware Horizon View.

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