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Register for up to 16 hours of hands-on lab sessions for only $250*. This can be a mix of a full day lab with 2 half day labs or 4 half day labs. Please note that all Agility labs are eligible for (ISC)2 CPE credits.

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Acceleration 101 Acceleration Basics  [FULL]
Find out what BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager (AAM) does and how to successfully deploy it. Learn about the various BIG-IP AAM options and see the cause and effect of it deployed in front of a website.
(Prerequisite: Knowledge of BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and an understanding of HTTP basics.)
BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager 101 Introducing the F5 Firewall: Architectures and Implementations  [FULL]
Learn the common architecture and implementations of BIG-IP AFM, including terminology and basic configuration setup.
(Prerequisite: Understanding of a full proxy is helpful.)
BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager 201 BIG-IP AFM and DDoS  [FULL]
Go deeper into the configuration of BIG-IP AFM DDoS protections and logging.
(Prerequisite: Completion of AFM 101 6 months of working with BIG-IP AFM.)
BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager 201 BIG-IP AFM Policy Creation and Advanced Troubleshooting  [FULL]
Learn BIG-IP AFM advanced rule logic, integration with iRules triggers, troubleshooting, and policy staging.
BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager 301 Advanced Multi-Layer Firewall (The ADF Solution)  [FULL]
Understand the complete F5 application delivery firewall solution which encompasses BIG-IP APM, BIG-IP ASM, BIG-IP AFM, and DNS.
(Prerequisite: A BIG-IP AFM, BIG-IP ASM, BIG-IP APM 201-level course or higher, or 2+ years of working with F5 security solutions.)
Application Services 101 App Service with Cisco and F5  [FULL]
Gain hands-on experience by integrating F5 BIG-IP LTM into Cisco ACI architecture and stepping through the complete workflow from installing a device package to seeing the configuration pushed from APIC to BIG-IP.
(Prerequisite: Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN client prior to class.)
Application Services 101 F5 iRules—The Beginning  [FULL]
Discover the structure and basic configuration of simple iRules—and learn to write your own by the end of the lab.
(Prerequisite: A basic understanding of programming concepts.)
Application Services 201 F5 iRules—Moving Beyond Basics   [FULL]
Move to the more advanced functionality of iRules, including data groups, tables, sideband connections, procs, iStats, and optimization and timing.
(Prerequisite: Participation in iRules 101 or similar knowledge.)
Application Services 301 F5 iRules—The Deep End  [FULL]
If you are using iRules to improve your network layer, join us in the iRules 301 lab. We’re going to dig into complex iRules use cases and cover advanced troubleshooting methodologies to take your iRules skills to the next level.
(Prerequisite: Participation in an iRules 101 and 201 lab, or 2+ years of experience.)
BIG-IP Application Security Manager 101 Understanding BIG-IP ASM and Its Features  [FULL]
Learn about BIG-IP ASM, its features, and the many ways you can deploy it to protect a website.
(Prerequisite: Some understanding of programming concepts.)
BIG-IP Application Security Manager 201 BIG-IP ASM Advanced Configuration and Scanner Integration  [FULL]
Focus on the advanced tweaks and customization of BIG-IP ASM, including overlay policies, scanner integration, and tuning a WAF.
(Prerequisite: A 101 level course or 2+ years of basic BIG-IP ASM experience.)
BIG-IP Application Security Manager 201 BIG-IP ASM Troubleshooting, Logging, and Attack Detection  [FULL]
Learn BIG-IP ASM troubleshooting and logging, and how to understand when a site is being attacked.
(Prerequisite: Some understanding of programming concepts.)
Cloud/Virtualization 101 Deploying BIG-IP Virtual Editions and vCMP  [FULL]
See which major hypervisors F5 supports along with the recommended deployment and basic configuration of BIG-IP virtual editions. This lab will also discuss vCMP and how to provision a vCMP guest, including flexible allocation.
(Prerequisite: Some understanding of programming concepts.)
Cloud/Virtualization 101 App Services with F5 and VMWare  [FULL]
Learn how to configure VMware’s NSX and BIG-IP so that they inter-operate to allow a physical or virtual BIG-IP to see packets on the virtual networks created by NSX.
(Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of BIG-IP virtual editions and an understanding of cloud concepts.)
Cloud/Virtualization 201 Building the F5 Fabric  [FULL]
Go beyond the 101-level lab and discuss how to build an F5 fabric. Topics will include F5 ScaleN, device clusters, selective failover, and other advanced subjects.
(Prerequisite: Understanding of vCMP and a 101-level virtualization class.)
Cloud/Virtualization 201 VDI the F5 Way  [FULL]
Learn the basics of deploying a virtual desktop environment with both Citrix and VMware solutions.
(Prerequisite: A good understanding of VDI technologies from either Citrix or VMware along with a basic understanding of BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.)
DNS Services 101 Introduction to Global Server Load Balancing   [FULL]
Receive an introduction to F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager, concepts, terminology and basic configuration of BIG-IP GTM solutions the F5 way, including global server load balancing.
(Prerequisite: Some understanding of programming concepts helpful.)
DNS Services 201 DNS Services Beyond Global Server Load Balancing   [FULL]
Focus on F5’s non-global service load balancing DNS solutions including authoritative name server, recursive resolver, DNS caching, and introduction to DNSSEC.
(Prerequisite: Basic working knowledge of DNS and F5’s DNS solutions.)
DNS Services 301 DNS Advanced Deployments and Security  [FULL]
Focus on advanced deployments like anycast, DNS iRules, DNS profiles explained, DNS firewalling, Topology deep-dive, and more.
(Prerequisite: 101 or 201 level course or 2+ years of basic BIG-IP GTM experience.)
Federal N/A PKI-Enablement: Making Cert-Based Auth a Reality with F5  [FULL]
Get hands-on experience controlling and perfecting SSL and PKI at a central strategic entry point. You’ll also learn the many ways F5 can make certificate-based PKI authentication a reality in your environment.
(Prerequisite: A basic understanding of SSL, authentication, and the F5 platform, and a laptop with network connectivity. This lab will include a Windows RDP “jump box,” so local tools are not a hard requirement.)
Federal N/A Taking Charge of Cryptography: A Hands-On F5 SSL/TLS Lab  [FULL]
Understand the very latest trends in SSL/TLS, including PFS, best practices, and “SSL visibility” strategies. In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how F5 does SSL and how you can take charge of cryptography in your environment.
(Prerequisite: A basic understanding of SSL/TLS, and a laptop with network connectivity. The lab will include a Windows RDP “jump box,” so local tools are not a hard requirement.)
Management 201 Welcome to the Revolution: BIG-IQ  [FULL]
This lab will cover the core of BIG-IQ and how it functions from a management perspective. It also includes the use of iControl REST and BIG-IQ scenarios.
(Prerequisite: Some understanding of programming concepts.)
Management 201 BIG-IQ Components (Security, Device, and Cloud)  [FULL]
Delve into BIG-IQ security, cloud, and device components, their setup and configuration, and how to get the most from each.
(Prerequisite: An understanding and basic working knowledge of BIG-IQ as a platform.)
Software Defined Networking 301 Application Services with Cisco and F5  [FULL]
Get the latest on SDN and see how F5 plays in an SDN environment. This lab will focus on Cisco and F5 integration details.
(Prerequisite: Understanding of SDN concepts, familiarity with Cisco’s SDN strategy, and a 101- and 201-level course.)
Universal Access 101 Intro to Universal Access  [FULL]
Get an introduction to BIG-IP Access Policy Manager, including terminology, use cases, and use case functional setups.
(Prerequisite: Some understanding of programming concepts.)
Universal Access 101 Universal Access and Support Infrastructure Integration  [FULL]
Take a look at authentication via AD/RADIUS/Client Cert, SAML, and OTP along with integrations with MDM vendors.
(Prerequisite: A good understanding of BIG-IP APM and working knowledge of the Visual Policy Editor. Familiarity with some authentication methods is preferred.)
Universal Access 201 Troubleshooting Universal Access  [FULL]
Find out how to troubleshoot BIG-IP Access Policy Manager in various forms and functions, and get tips on upgrades and OPSWAT integration.
(Prerequisite: Detailed working knowledge of BIG-IP APM or a Universal Access 101 class.)
Universal Access 301 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and Secure Web Gateway Services  [FULL]
Take a closer look at Secure Web Gateway Services deployments and how the connection between BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and Secure Web Gateway Services matters in the Universal Access big picture.
(Prerequisite: A 101 and 201 level class, working knowledge of Secure Web Gateway Services, or 1+ year of BIG-IP APM experience.)
Universal Access 301 Customizing and Advanced Universal Access  [FULL]
Go deep into advanced topics for authentication via AD/RADIUS/Client Cert, SAML, and OTP, along with integrations to MDM vendors.
(Prerequisite: Universal Access and Support Infrastructure Integration 101)
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