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Leaders and Laggards in Cloud: It’s all about the Application Services

by: Lori MacVittie

Sometimes I love reading commentary from El Reg on IT and technology. Delivered with just the right amount of bite, their bark is often right on target. Other times, though, they miss the mark in their biting commentary. In a diatribe on cloud...

Pay-As-You-Go BIG-IP VE and Advanced WAF Now Available for Azure Government

by: Tom Atkins

Perfect for development and test purposes, these instances provide true cloud-native operational flexibility with no long-term commitments or contracts.

Conquer Your Cloud Security Concerns with F5 Advanced WAF on AWS and Azure

by: Tom Atkins

These virtual editions protect applications and data with complete feature parity across on-premises and multi-cloud deployments.

Open Source Spotlight: Increasing Observability with F5 Cloud Logger iApp

by: Lori MacVittie

Developers (and DevOps) crave observability. That’s visibility, but with more alacrity, meaning APIs and integration with tools and dashboards.

F5: An Initial Launch Member of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association

by: Tom Atkins

The security of applications, data, and networking infrastructure is now more critical than ever, given the continued evolution of cyberattack vectors and the frequency at which they occur. It is predicted that by 2021 cyber-crime will cost...

Azure Stack Support – Expanding F5’s Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

by: Tom Atkins

F5 empowers Azure users to further enhance the hybrid capabilities of architectures through replication of supporting application services across environments.

Per-App Architectures Protect Apps at Home and in the Cloud

by: Lori MacVittie

The data center is being driven to change by digital transformation, with cloud, containers, and catastrophic breaches prompting this evolution sooner rather than later.

F5 Acquires Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency

by: Tom Atkins

Confidence in the public cloud is on the rise as the market and platforms mature, thanks in part to certification and competency validations from major providers.

State of Application Delivery 2018: Multi-cloud is not just Marketing

by: Lori MacVittie

It seems like just yesterday we were using the term “hybrid” cloud and arguing like fishwives over what it meant. The latter half of 2017 saw the rise of the term “multi-cloud” (with many of the same arguments regarding what it meant). Now,...

Open Source Spotlight: F5 Infrastructure as Code and Multi-Cloud Manageability

by: Lori MacVittie

You might have noted that a significant drum beat under the multi-cloud mantra is manageability. That’s because the task of scaling, securing, and delivering apps to users requires a certain set of services – load balancers, compute, storage, app...

Making Multi-Cloud Manageable: F5 Application Connector Now Available for Microsoft Azure

by: Lori MacVittie

When using multiple public clouds to host applications, you’ve still got to manage those apps and connect them to a secure inbound path.


by: Guido Vosmeer

私たちはすでに、スマートフォンから車の機能や能力をアップグレードできる時代に生きています。また新たな世界を開拓するために会ったこともない人々の協力を得ることもできます。そしていつでもあらゆるデバイスから、重要な個人情報にアクセスすることも可能になっています。 イノベーター達はシェアリングエコノミーやIoT、マシンラーニングの限界を押し広げています。これによって私達が意識すらしていなかった様々な制約が、一夜にして解消されてしまうということも起きています。 いまや世界を動かしているのはアプ...

New Solutions Enable the Multi-Cloud World

by: Sangeeta Anand

SVP Sangeeta Anand takes a closer look at the promise of multi-cloud environments and new technologies from F5.

Bringing Security and Application Delivery to Kubernetes and the Google Cloud

by: Robert Haynes

F5 expands its application delivery services offerings for cloud and container environments.

Templates are Taking over the Cloud

by: Lori MacVittie

Cloud – and for purposes of this post I mean infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – enables business agility primarily be freeing those tasked with deploying apps from the complexity of all the infrastructure wiring underneath.  By no...