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Fallacy of Composition (Why Deploying to Production is So Hard)

by: Lori MacVittie

The integration of virtual (software) based network and application services into the CI/CD pipeline is a lot more real than some might think.

Mobility Security Scalability

Where We’re Headed Now: Charting the Path for a Faster, Smarter, and Safer IoT

by: Patricia Du

The main theme of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona was the ongoing digital transformation toward a "connected society." 5G will be instrumental in the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as smart...


Now that HTTPS is almost everywhere, what about IPv6?

by: Lori MacVittie

Let’s Encrypt launched April 12, 2016 with the intent to support and encourage sites to enable HTTPS everywhere (sometimes referred to as SSL everywhere even though the web is steadily moving toward TLS as the preferred protocol). As of the end of...

Cloud Performance Security

F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack

by: Henry Tam

This week, F5 introduced the first and only turnkey solution package that includes advanced application and security services that are engineered, tested, and certified to run with the Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

State of App Delivery: Automation, APIs & DevOps

by: Lori MacVittie

The digital drumbeat has picked up its tempo, driving those responsible for the network and infrastructure that delivers apps to consumer and corporate users to look to automation...

Security Access Scalability

The Gateways to Innovation are in the Network

by: Lori MacVittie

Throughout history, certain places have been anointed with the term “gateway to the _____.” These locations are famous for being strategically important for the defense of a kingdom or as a pathway to new opportunities.

Cloud Security

SSO for your Hybrid Cloud

by: Lee Slaughter

47% of companies now have a cloud-first strategy. No matter where they reside, access to all your apps should provide simple and effective protection for user identities.

【イベントレポート】F5がパートナー8社と共に築く、App セキュリティの未来『 #f5socjp キックオフミーティング』

by: Junichi otsuka



A10やCitrixを圧倒する、F5 BIG-IP iシリーズのSSLパフォーマンス

by: Guido Vosmeer

SSLの利用が爆発的に拡大し、第三者による解読が不可能な暗号アルゴリズムへのニーズが高まることで、PFS(Perfect Forward Secrecy:前方秘匿性)を実現できるECC(Elliptic Curve...


by: Guido Vosmeer



by: Guido Vosmeer



F5 BIG-IP iシリーズ vs. Citrix & A10、SSLパフォーマンス比較

by: Guido Vosmeer

F5が実施した実機テストによれば、新たにリリースされたF5 BIG-IP iシリーズは、比較対象となる他社デバイス(同価格帯の他社製品)に比べ、SSL ECC TPSが5倍高速であることがわかりました。

【イベントレポート】楽しみながらF5を知り、家族と会社をつなぐ夏休み。子どもたちのF5ビジネス体験『第二回 F5 Family Day』。

by: Yoriko Obokata

F5ネットワークスジャパン合同会社(以下、F5)では、7月29日(金)『第二回F5 Family Day』が、F5東京オフィスにて開催され、総勢37名の社員およびその家族が参加しました。


Half a Cloud is better than no Cloud

by: Lori MacVittie

Every time a new technology or approach to computing enters our field of vision, it is immediately seized upon and defined as being “x”. Maybe it’s based on characteristics, like elasticity and a utility-based business model. Perhaps it’s...


Credential stuffing: What is it and why you should worry about it

by: Lori MacVittie

While we’re likely all aware that credentials being out in the wild on the black market is a threat, many may not understand exactly why.