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blog / Apr 18, 2017

Profile of a Hacker: The Real Sabu, Part 1 of 2

Notorious hacker of Anonymous and LulzSec fame is challenged by rival hacker, The Jester, to reveal his identity....

article / Apr 12, 2017

Doxing, DoS, and Defacement: Today’s Mainstream Hacktivism Tools

Readily available hacking tools provide new ways for civil disobedience groups to antagonize their targets anonymously....

article / Apr 07, 2017

Marcher Gets Close to Users by Targeting Mobile Banking, Android Apps, Social Media, and Email

Marcher targets focused on European, Australian, and Latin American banks, along

blog / Mrz 30, 2017

Virtual Kidnapping: The Latest in an Endless Stream of Scams

The virtual kidnapping scam is on the rise because of the excessive amount of personal information people volunteer on social

article / Mrz 27, 2017

From DDoS to Server Ransomware: APACHE STRUTS 2 - CVE-2017-5638 Campaign

A common infection vector used by botnet creators is scanning the Internet for web vulnerabilities to exploit for malware or

article / Mrz 10, 2017

DNS Is Still the Achilles’ Heel of the Internet

Since the Internet can’t survive without DNS, let’s make our best effort to defend it....