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blog / Apr 14, 2017

Stalking in the Workplace: What CISOs Can Do

Cyberstalking will rise as hacking tools become more powerful and easier to use, but there’s much you can do to help protect victims.

blog / Apr 20, 2017

Executive Impersonation Fraud Is on the Rise—and It Is Working

Your company could lose hundreds of thousands in an impersonation scam, but here are eight things you can do to protect yourself.

blog / Mrz 20, 2017

Can Audits Help Us Trust Third Parties?

Organizations who outsource need to measure the risk of entrusting their data to someone else. They aren’t easy or cheap, but...

blog / Mrz 13, 2017

Will Deception as a Defense Become Mainstream?

Defensive deception works well, but needs championing before we’ll see it as a best practice or compliance requirement.

blog / Mrz 06, 2017

Five Steps Users Can Take to Inoculate Themselves against Fake News

Security awareness training can significantly curb users' dissemination of fake news.