blog / Apr 14, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 25, 2017)

Stalking in the Workplace: What CISOs Can Do

Cyberstalking will rise as hacking tools become more powerful and easier to use, but there’s much you can do to help protect victims.

article / Apr 12, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 25, 2017)

Doxing, DoS, and Defacement: Today’s Mainstream Hacktivism Tools

Readily available hacking tools provide new ways for civil disobedience groups to antagonize their targets anonymously.

blog / Mrz 30, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 25, 2017)

How to Talk Cyber Risk with Executives

Board level interest in your cyber risk posture is growing, in fact it might be required soon for publicly traded companies. Presenting cyber risk to your board – effectively – means talking in their terms.

blog / Mrz 24, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 14, 2017)

Cyber Insurance: Read the Fine Print!

Purchasing cyber insurance can be useful, but claims are often denied due to policy exclusions or lapses in controls.

blog / Mrz 20, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 20, 2017)

Can Audits Help Us Trust Third Parties?

Organizations who outsource need to measure the risk of entrusting their data to someone else. They aren’t easy or cheap, but audits are really the best tool we have.

blog / Mrz 13, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 14, 2017)

Will Deception as a Defense Become Mainstream?

Defensive deception works well, but needs championing before we’ll see it as a best practice or compliance requirement.

article / Mrz 10, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 25, 2017)

DNS Is Still the Achilles’ Heel of the Internet

Since the Internet can’t survive without DNS, let’s make our best effort to defend it.

blog / Feb 23, 2017 (MODIFIED: Mrz 20, 2017)

Building Secure Solutions Successfully Using Systems Theory

When security solutions don’t work as planned, embrace the complexity and use Systems Theory tools to adjust, regulate, and redefine.

blog / Feb 14, 2017 (MODIFIED: Mrz 20, 2017)

The Conflicting Obligations of a Security Leader

Faced with competing pressures, CISOs are ultimately the experts at assessing what’s truly at stake in their organizations.

blog / Feb 09, 2017 (MODIFIED: Mrz 03, 2017)

The Risk Pivot: Succeeding with Business Leadership by Quantifying...

Getting the security investments you need often comes down to making your case to management in terms of operational risk.

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