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OK 2016, Now What?

by: Peter Silva

The Year of the (Fire) Monkey will soon be upon us (Feb 8th) and the curious, playful, smart, opportunistic and sometimes mischievous character could influence events throughout 2016. Whether you were born under the symbol or not, Monkeys thrive...

Backseat Drivers, Your Wish Has Come True

by: Peter Silva

Excuse for speeding 10 years from now: ‘Officer, it was the software.’ When I was in college, I would drive the 1040 miles from Marquette Univ. in Milwaukee to my parent’s house in Rhode Island for things like summer vacation and semester break....

Is Your DNS Vulnerable?

by: Peter Silva

A recent report from The Infoblox DNS Threat Index (in conjunction with Internet Identity) shows that phishing attacks has raised the DNS threat level to a record high of 133 for second quarter of 2015, up 58% from the same time last year. The...