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F5 Silverline WAF Express Service Enables Agile Security in the Cloud

by: Lori MacVittie

Designed as a simple deployment experience without compromising the protections necessary to defend applications in an attack-saturated world.

Deploy a Turnkey, Enterprise-Class WAF in Azure

by: Robert Haynes

Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service has driven greater agility, reduced opportunity costs, and enabled businesses to concentrate on core concerns and deliver new digital services faster than ever before. At the same time, the threats to these...

Balancing Security, Agility, and Efficiency for Your Apps in the Cloud

by: Robert Haynes

Protecting your applications in the cloud against layer 7 attacks is an essential piece of any organization’s security strategy. The challenge lies in finding the right balance of strong security, operational efficiency,...

Enterprise-Grade Security for Your Cloud Apps

by: Robert Haynes

If you have HTTP applications in the cloud—any cloud—there is a reasonable chance they will be vulnerable. Applications and the protocols they run remain prime targets...

Why Being Up to Date on Code is Important

by: Edward O'Connell

F5 perspective on why upgrading network infrastructure matters and how BIG-IP v12.1 can help organizations drive innovation.

F5 Friday: Transforming the DC by Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

by: Lori MacVittie

One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is how to “modernize” their traditional data center to meet increasing demands from the business and users alike.

Securing next-generation mobile networks

by: Peter Margaris

F5's Peter Margaris discusses securing next-generation mobile networks

The perfect storm: Security at massive scale to support the IoT & 4G/5G networks

by: Peter Margaris

Security at massive scale to support the Internet of Things (IoT) & 4G/5G networks

F5 Friday: How Standardization Enables a Customizable Per-App (Microservices) Approach to App Security

by: Lori MacVittie

How Standardization Enables a Customizable Per-App (Microservices) Approach to App Security

F5 Friday: Delivering On-Premises Security in the Cloud

by: Lori MacVittie

The mere mention of security as an inhibitor to cloud adoption can often cause the experts to roll their eyes and sigh dramatically. And while it’s true that security where cloud is concerned has come a long way, it’s still true that as far a...

F5 Previews Pre-Configured WAF Solution for Microsoft Azure Security Center

by: Andrew Hendry

F5 Previews Pre-Configured Web Application Firewall Solution for Azure Security Center