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Authentication in Context: Add the Right Controls for Every User

by: Robert Haynes

Applications have escaped from the data center. Your business may have applications running in many different environments serving users who switch between locations and devices rapidly. As your infrastructure evolves to meet the challenges of...

Managing Identity in SaaS Applications

by: Robert Haynes

The rise of business applications delivered “as a Service” can be great for cost savings and operational efficiency. After all, who really wants to spend hours and hours implementing a new HR or CRM system on hardware that you will have to manage...

Get Off of My Cloud!

by: Jay Kelley

The latest from F5's Jay Kelley includes a list of considerations when deploying a new identity and access solution for Microsoft Office 365.

An Office in the Clouds

by: Jay Kelley

A look at one of the most popular business productivity software suites ever, the keys to its longevity, and some of its challenges.

Securing your Borderless Business

by: Lori MacVittie

You might have heard any number of folks here at F5 quip, “Identity is the new firewall.” That might sound, well, soundbitey but there’s a whole lot wrapped up in that simple statement. A whole lot of security and the changing way we address...

Managing Policies with BIG-IQ 5.0

by: Dan Schrader

The introduction of BIG-IQ Centralized Management 5.0 marks a substantial advance in F5’s Management and Orchestration story. The release is, without exaggeration, the most important BIG-IQ release since the product was launched 3 years ago. While...

Achieving Agility: ID Federation Services

by: Lori MacVittie

Back in the day (I’m talking 2003 here, so way back in technology years) a lot of hopes and dreams for a more seamless identity management experience were high. That was when Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) was first coming into vogue...

State of Application Delivery 2016: The Rise of Identity and Application Access

by: Lori MacVittie

Back in the old days, there was a near 1:1 relationship between network ports and applications. Port 53? That’s DNS. Port 22? SSH. Port 23? Telnet.

State of Application Delivery 2016: A Very Cloudy Forecast

by: Lori MacVittie

Cloud. You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing something related to cloud. Even my eight-year old knows all about it. It’s where he puts all the stuff on his iPod when he runs out of space locally, dontcha know. But aside from the...

Digitalisation in Education

by: Jezmynn Koh

If someone from the 19th century was teleported to witness a mathematics class in action in the year 2016, I would pay to see their astonished looks! From smart board interactions to children fiddling with iPads absorbing all the knowledge the...

Identity theft: A threat more severe than you think

by: Kuna Nallappan

The financial services industry in Asia is one of the most heavily regulated sectors, and compliance is often touted as a form of security assurance. However, compliance is just a single aspect of security. Various regulations cover a wide range...

F5 and Nutanix: Powering Business Mobility Together

by: Frank Strobel

Welcome to the second post in my series about the emerging partnership between F5 and one of the leaders in the hyper-converged infrastructure market, Nutanix. Last month, I discussed how this collaboration helps you enjoy all the benefits of...

F5 & VMware delivering more control and better security for any device, anywhere

by: Frank Strobel

F5 and VMware are partnering to support you—our customers—by integrating our technologies, products, and services to meet your business needs from the data center to the cloud. We have done so for close to 10 years—an eternity in the high-tech industry.

ABAC not RBAC: Welcome to the (IoT) World of Contextual Security

by: Lori MacVittie

There are many more attributes that can be gleaned from a seemingly simple application request than may at first meet the eye. There is, of course, IP address. From which can be determined one’s location. That’s geolocation and it’s fairly...

SSO: Not Just for Security Anymore

by: Lori MacVittie

25. That’s the number of business apps per device CA predicted would be deployed this year. That’s probably a considerably conservative prediction given the explosive rate at which organizations are building and buying mobile apps. The impetus...