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Go Beyond POLB (Plain Old Load Balancing)

by: Lori MacVittie

Scalability is a critical capability for both business and applications. On the business side, scaling operations is key to enabling the new app economy...

F5 and Nutanix: Powering Business Mobility Together

by: Frank Strobel

Welcome to the second post in my series about the emerging partnership between F5 and one of the leaders in the hyper-converged infrastructure market, Nutanix. Last month, I discussed how this collaboration helps you enjoy all the benefits of...

F5 & VMware delivering more control and better security for any device, anywhere

by: Frank Strobel

F5 and VMware are partnering to support you—our customers—by integrating our technologies, products, and services to meet your business needs from the data center to the cloud. We have done so for close to 10 years—an eternity in the high-tech industry.

Backseat Drivers, Your Wish Has Come True

by: Peter Silva

Excuse for speeding 10 years from now: ‘Officer, it was the software.’ When I was in college, I would drive the 1040 miles from Marquette Univ. in Milwaukee to my parent’s house in Rhode Island for things like summer vacation and semester break....

Application Services: The heartbeat of today’s app driven world

by: Keii

Applications sit at the heart of today’s world. They power businesses, serve customers and drive revenue. Emerging technologies open up fresh opportunities but they also bring about new challenges and a lot more complexity. A recent study by F5...

The Attack You Can’t Stop in Your Application

by: Lori MacVittie

A wide variety of HTTP-based attacks can (and should) be prevented in your application. The OWASP Top 10 is a prime example of attack techniques that are both detectable and preventable from within any application. A plethora of tools including...

3 Things Ops Needs to Know about Load Balancing

by: Lori MacVittie

Load balancing. It’s commonly accepted that we need it, rely on it, and use it every day to scale up (and hopefully down) applications. It’s become critical infrastructure responsible for not only scaling to meet demand but ensuring the continued...

Disposable Infrastructure for Disposable Apps

by: Lori MacVittie

Conferences agendas. Event navigation. Specific tasks, like buying a house or getting a car loan. If you've installed an app for any of these things you've installed what's known as a "disposable mobile app" or DMA. App...