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Incredible security content at F5’s ANTICIPATE 2018 event

by: David Holmes

“Guys, did you hear? The team in ASEAN is building a security conference to rival the best in business. They call it ANTICIPATE!” That’s the rumor going around the F5 world and its true. We’re aiming high in Singapore to build a world-class...


by: 张毅强

2017年,是F5公司发展历程中,具有里程碑意义的一年。这一年,F5以更加开放、进取的姿态将关注力投入云端,并以更加专注、务实的态度推出了多款应用安全解决方案。这一年,François Locoh-Donou先生正式就任F5 CEO,并带领管理团队在技术发展、市场策略等领域做出了一系列远见卓识的改变。这一年,F5所有的变革都基于一个目标 –...

2020 Digital Horoscope

by: Kuna Nallappan

In foretelling the future of technology adoption and how it drives business transformation, this piece pays homage to astrology and envisions twelve key predictions to help define the new Asia digital economy.

Achieving the Right Cybersecurity Posture

by: Marty Young

With the proliferation of Internet access, and the explosion of online services over the past decade, more people were and continue to routinely share data loosely with more organisations. As apps and websites have mushroomed, control has...

Operations in a Hybrid World

by: Marty Young

The pace of change in the realms of the digital age is unprecedented. Driven by evolving consumer demands, changing industry structures, as well as accelerating technology development, the business world has experienced immense progression over...


by: Jezmynn Koh

在F5“迈向云之路”—应用交付论坛上,合作历史由来已久的F5与华为以合作伙伴的形式出现在与会来宾面前。两家公司的领导也从各自公司最擅长的领域为出发点,与众多来宾分享合作的背景与期待。 F5大中华区总裁黄彦文(左)与华为交换机与企业通信产品线副总裁俞涛(右) F5公司大中华区总裁黄彦文先生表示,F5与华为的合作甚至可以追溯到15年前。两家公司之所以能持续合作直到现在,主要缘于在技术发展以及对用户的态度上,都具有很高的认同性。华为公司是网络领域的领导者,认为软件定...

Securing The Next Together

by: Jezmynn Koh

F5’s Anticipate 2016 event took place in Singapore on 18-19 May at St Regis Hotel, and gave its attendees a deep dive into the complex web that is cybersecurity, and what this means to F5, our customers and other stakeholders.   Manu...

Financial Malware And Their Tricks: Man In The Browser Attacks

by: Shahnawaz Backer

Financial Malware And Their Tricks: Man In The Browser Attacks     Malwares And Their Impact Malwares have caused billions of dollars as loss for the financial industry, and there is no looking back. At this juncture one would...

Anticipate 2016: Secure Your Apps Today to Safeguard Your Future

by: Jezmynn Koh

Just how secure are your apps?  F5’s Anticipate 2016 event happening in Singapore on 18-19 May at St Regis Hotel will take a close look at this pertinent issue.   Security today is primarily centered on protecting the network...

Web Fraud Solutions for Ever-Growing Malware Threats

by: Shahnawaz Backer

Perspective from F5's Singapore team on how financial applications are going digital and fraudsters are following the trend, including attack and prevention technique details.


by: 陈亮

  互联网为金融业实现信息化和数字化提供了得天独厚的条件。近年来,互联网金融来势汹汹,不断蚕食当前金融市场的“长尾客户”,以支付宝公司的余额宝为例,互联网金融短期内吸纳了巨量活期资金,对传统银行造成了显著冲击。面对互联网企业的频繁发力,传统银行也在积极寻求通过信息化与自身优势结合,争取更过市场份额。随着Apple Pay、Samsung...

Cloud Security Crucibles: Australia and New Zealand

by: David Holmes

Australia is evolving a new way to leverage cloud, and New Zealand is evolving a new efficiency model for government security services. Both countries share one aspect with the rest of the world: challenges around encryption.

APAC Security: 2 Opportunities for business, 1 for Hackers

by: David Holmes

Perspective from F5's David Holmes, who recently completed a security evangelism tour through Asia-Pacific North (APAC), including his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in that part of the world.


by: 张毅强

智慧城市是什么? 试想一下:一个千万级人口的城市中每天产生的建筑、基础设施、道路使用、交通、公共安全等相关数据如果收集加以分析,将对制定发展决策产生多大影响?一个社区如果有智能设备可以实时在工作日白天提供停车位情况度并反馈,能够为缓解城市车位不足提供多大帮助?一个家庭的暖气控制器如果能够接入城市天气系统,随温度变化做出调节,将节省多大能源?以上这些,我们可能都将在不远的将来看到。按Gartner预测,到2020年将有97亿互联设备接入智慧城市电网,远超2015年的11亿。而这些类别不同的...

F5再获《SC MAGAZINE》读者信任奖

by: 张毅强

2016年3月,F5公司凭借BIG-IP 应用安全管理器 (ASM)再次荣获《SC Magazine》2015年读者信任奖-最佳Web应用解决方案。 F5 BIG-IP应用安全管理器 (ASM)能过多次获此殊荣,不仅是每个F5人的骄傲,更体现了专业IT人士对我们安全解决方案研发方向的认可。我们的目标是帮助IT专业人员在云、与混合环境下,仍然轻松满足安全法规的要求,保护他们的业务远离攻击,从容应对新出现的各种威胁。 F5 BIG-IP 应用安全管理器 (ASM)...