Optimize subscriber QoE.

To deliver the best possible quality of experience (QoE) to subscribers, service providers continually spend time and resources on optimizing performance. Methods such as video compression and caching have been effective, but the increased use of encrypted connections and the emergence of protocols like HTTP 2.0 are diminishing the benefits of these technologies. F5’s TCP optimization technology offers significant returns in performance improvement for a low investment of time and resources.

TCP Optimization for Service Providers

Performance where it counts.

F5 provides an optimized TCP stack that significantly improves subscribers’ QoE without the need to change application and services. It is more effective than other optimization technologies because it focuses on optimizing the TCP protocol, which accounts for the vast majority of Internet traffic. Because it is not dependent on inspecting content, it can optimize encrypted connections. Best of all, TCP optimization is built into the F5 BIG-IP platform, so F5 customers can benefit at no extra cost.

Solution diagram

From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

F5 provides consulting services to support customers throughout the product lifecycle. Starting with expert support planning and architecting solutions, through implementation and optimization services, F5 is there to help our customers every step of the way.

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