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ET Net Enhances Security and Performance of Financial Information Provider with F5

As one of Hong Kong’s largest securities firms, ET Net strives to provide a reliable and agile financial information platform involving more than 100 financial institutions, including leading retail and commercial banks.  With digital transformation changing the financial industry, the firm needed to strengthen its security and network capabilities in order to effectively handle ever-increasing traffic. By deploying F5 solutions, the organization boosted efficiency and enhanced network security without compromising high-speed performance. 

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Enhances Performance and Access to Its Banking Services with F5 Solutions

The Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, Bangladesh's first joint-venture bank, was exploring ways to ensure peak performance and availability of their Core Banking, Mobile Banking, Agent Banking,  Switching and Internet banking applications across three data centers. Leveraging a high-performance F5 solution, the bank managed to reduce system downtime and vastly improve end user experience.

Heritage Bank Improves DDoS Protection and Ensures Secure Remote Application Access with F5

Heritage Bank, Australia’s largest customer-owned bank, needed to upgrade its network architecture so it could increase security to protect against threats, improve flexible working options for staff, and streamline its overall IT infrastructure management.

Heritage Bank’s multi-vendor architecture was complicating its IT management process, which affected its ability to stay ahead of threats, as well as to quickly deploy upgraded infrastructure.

By deploying F5 solutions, Heritage Bank was able to increase its level of protection against threats, allow secure remote access for staff, and achieve scalability through a single-vendor approach.

GDO Achieves Security with F5 During Transition to AWS

Golf Digest Online (GDO) recently moved its on-premises infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It chose F5 products to maintain a highly secure application environment while ensuring a total, disruption-free transition into the cloud in only two months.

Idaho Government Agency Simplifies Secure Access to Microsoft Office 365 with F5 Solution

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare needed to implement a secure, federated single sign-on capability for internal systems and Microsoft Office 365. The agency chose F5 access policy and security solutions to simplify identity and access management. The result is a more flexible IT environment with strong security and fewer systems to maintain.

ODN Uses F5 Solutions for Caching, Load Balancing, and DDoS Protection

Internet service provider ODN needed to replace its server farm, which was quickly becoming outdated. With F5 solutions, the company was able to utilize a central source for caching, load balancing, and DDoS protection. ODN now benefits from standardized, reliable, and future-proof systems that can be managed systematically.

Global Legal Services Company Simplifies IT Environment, Streamlines Federation with F5 Solution

Epiq, a worldwide provider of legal services and technology, adopted Microsoft Office 365 to reduce cost and labor overhead in its data centers. To integrate Office 365 into its overall infrastructure, the company deployed solutions from F5, including one to unify application access, resulting in a simpler, more efficient, and more secure IT environment.

NII Deploys F5 Solutions to Provide Secure Application Gateway

The National Institute of Informatics (NII) is part of Japan’s Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS). NII performs research and development in informatics and provides information services to Japan’s entire academic community. Its engineers chose F5 technology to establish a critical application gateway with robust, centralized security independent of cloud security services.

Canadian Insurance Giant ICBC Strengthens Security, Boosts Productivity with F5 Solution

ICBC sought to improve the security and performance of its IT infrastructure. It chose an F5 solution to manage traffic intelligently and to add a key component to the company’s layered security. It also chose the F5 Best pricing model to pave the way for future solutions. Now, application deployment takes less time and ICBC saves on labor resources.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Gains Security, Manageability, Efficiency with F5 Solution

Top online jewelry supplier Fire Mountain Gems and Beads faced end-of-life devices in its mission-critical, on-premises data center. Replacing components and consolidating functions with a cost-effective F5 solution resulted in immediate performance improvements and a more secure, more easily managed, and readily extensible deployment.

University of Technology Sydney Consolidates IT Services to Increase Efficiency and Security with F5

Founded in 1988, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a multi-campus tertiary institution in Sydney, Australia. The college was placed fourth across the country in the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) Leiden Ranking 2015 and 14th global young university, based on universities less than 50 years old.

UTS began to undertake a strategic development program of its IT infrastructure in late 2015, to consolidate existing core load balancing, web application firewall (WAF) and remote virtual private network (VPN) services onto a single platform – all of which were provided by three different vendors. The point solutions lacked automation, high availability, appropriate security, separate maintenance contracts and required specialist IT administrator skills. 

Central Tanshi FX Co. Rebuilds Its System Infrastructure, Increases Service Speed with F5

Foreign exchange trading company Central Tanshi FX Co., Ltd. needed a solution to accelerate customer transactions by unifying its firewall and various network appliances. With the F5 BIG-IP platform, the company has dramatically increased service speeds, improved security, and reduced operational costs.

Communications Services Firm Gains Huge Data Throughput with F5 and Cisco ACI

West had to satisfy high computational demands with a heterogeneous architecture that was difficult to manage. The company determined that it needed software-defined networking, an application-centric infrastructure, and the ability to intelligently manage high-volume traffic on demand—functionality that integrated F5 and Cisco ACI technologies readily provide.

Fraser Coast Revamps Data Centre to Reduce Time to Market New Services

Fraser Coast Regional Council (FCRC) is a local government agency located in the Wide Bay–Burnett region of Queensland, about 250 kilometres north of the state capital of Brisbane. FCRC is responsible for providing local government services to more than 96,000 residents in a region covering over 7,000 square kilometres.

Verdens Gang attains exceptional availability for Norway’s top news and media web site

Media group Verdens Gang, publisher of Norway’s leading daily newspaper, selected F5 to help it ensure the availability of its online news channel,

CoStar Streamlines Authentication and Increases Application Availability with F5 Solution

As a commercial real estate information company, the CoStar Group, Inc. needed a simple and powerful authentication solution for its employees. By utilizing F5 technology, the enterprise implemented single sign-on, and also ensured the availability of their customer-facing applications while improving user experience across the board.

Everi Uses F5 Solutions to Achieve High Availability and Protect Financial Transactions

Everi (which includes the former Global Cash Holdings) decided to upgrade its backup data center to include the same full functionality as its primary one. The company standardized on F5 intelligent traffic management and security solutions and now consistently meets “five-nines” uptime (99.999 percent). It blocks continual malicious attacks with effectively no service disruption.

The University of Tsukuba Gains Advanced Firewall and DDoS Defense Using Single, Scalable Solution

The University of Tsukuba needed productive measures to counter DDoS attacks. Using F5, the institution gained an integrated, proactive approach that stopped its DNS infrastructure from becoming prey to targeted assaults. 

TransUnion Speeds Application Deployment, Supports High Availability Using F5 Solutions


TransUnion needed to assimilate solutions from newly acquired companies into its own IT infrastructure; ensure fast, reliable data transactions; and promote strong security. By standardizing on traffic management solutions from F5, TransUnion has reduced network latency, improved labor allocation, and nearly eliminated downtime. 

Banco G&T Improves Availability, Performance, Scalability, and Security with F5 Upgrade

G&T Bank requires high application availability to serve its more than 1.7 million clients. By updating its F5 solution, the bank migrated its primary data center with minimal downtime, and is currently benefiting from greater availability, security, and an improved display of application and network performance.