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Adways Simplifies Single-Sign-On Process and Security Protocols with BIG-IP APM

Adways Inc., involved in smartphone advertising, development and operation of media and applications, is streamlining its user authentication process for its employees from more than 200 different internal systems by creating a single authentication portal with F5’s application performance management solution.

Motorists Insurance Group Gives Customers A Seamless Experience With F5 + Okta Solution

Motorists Insurance Group needed to upgrade its online customer portal to reduce IT costs, provide a secure single sign-on customer experience, and shift its IT resources toward more strategic projects. Using a customized F5 and Okta security solution in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment, the company was able to deliver a seamless experience to insurance agents and their clients.

Pitney Bowes Achieves Greater Scale, Reliability for Global E-Commerce Platform with F5 + Okta

This global technology company has pushed the boundaries of technology for almost 100 years. Pitney Bowes continues to do so by using Okta + F5 Networks to help  their over 2.8 million users access new digital services through the Pitney Bowes’ Commerce Cloud. 

Philippines Government Social Security Organization Secures e-Services

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), a social insurance institution that provides a defined benefit scheme under the law for public sector employees in the Philippines (except uniformed personnel and contractual employees without employee-employer relationship with their agencies), had plans to introduce online services to its members. It turned to F5 for a one-stop solution to effectively deliver and protect applications and website. In the process, it also wielded control and visibility into their web traffic.

ELCA Provides Highly Available, Online, Peak Load Protection Based on F5 Solutions

A sudden onrush of customers can quickly bring down online transaction systems. As an antidote, ELCA developed a highly available and scalable peak protection solution, PeakProtect, for its SecuTix ticketing platform. Based on F5 Application Delivery Controllers, the solution is now available as a service and can be activated in front of any other online system.

University of Southern Queensland Improves Online Experience for Students and Staff Through Single Sign-On While Increasing App Security

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) needed to empower its 28,000 students to access its network at any time, from anywhere. USQ used a single sign-on solution from F5 that allowed unified access to web-based applications with high availability to ensure 24/7 access, which is crucial to a university with more than 60 percent of students studying online.

Heritage Bank Improves DDoS Protection and Ensures Secure Remote Application Access with F5

Heritage Bank, Australia’s largest customer-owned bank, needed to upgrade its network architecture so it could increase security to protect against threats, improve flexible working options for staff, and streamline its overall IT infrastructure management.

Heritage Bank’s multi-vendor architecture was complicating its IT management process, which affected its ability to stay ahead of threats, as well as to quickly deploy upgraded infrastructure.

By deploying F5 solutions, Heritage Bank was able to increase its level of protection against threats, allow secure remote access for staff, and achieve scalability through a single-vendor approach.

Azabu University eliminates instability, reduces TCO of authentication infrastructure

Azabu University had been using single sign-on (SSO) for internal systems since 2006, but an upgrade in 2011 led to instability plaguing its authentication infrastructure. Overhauling the system in 2016, the university chose F5 Network’s BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) to achieve its top priority of operational stability.

Dizzion Secures Virtual Desktops for Global Customers with F5 and VMware

Dizzion offers enterprises cloud-based desktop access to applications and data from a variety of locations and devices. A customer with a transnational workforce needed a secure, agile, high-performance work environment. To meet these requirements, Dizzion delivered an integrated solution comprising access policy and centralized management from F5, and virtualization technology from VMware.

Idaho Government Agency Simplifies Secure Access to Microsoft Office 365 with F5 Solution

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare needed to implement a secure, federated single sign-on capability for internal systems and Microsoft Office 365. The agency chose F5 access policy and security solutions to simplify identity and access management. The result is a more flexible IT environment with strong security and fewer systems to maintain.

ODN Uses F5 Solutions for Caching, Load Balancing, and DDoS Protection

Internet service provider ODN needed to replace its server farm, which was quickly becoming outdated. With F5 solutions, the company was able to utilize a central source for caching, load balancing, and DDoS protection. ODN now benefits from standardized, reliable, and future-proof systems that can be managed systematically.

Yokogawa Electric Chooses F5 Solution for Secure Authentication of Services Offered Via AWS

Yokogawa Electric provides services for remotely maintaining systems deployed at customer sites worldwide. It chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize services delivery, and an F5 solution that works with a legacy scheme to ensure secure user authentication—while better accommodating mobile users. 

Credit Union Adopts F5 Technology for Single Sign-On, Boosts Reliability and Productivity

Employees of a major West Coast credit union had to remember multiple unique passwords as they logged in to several important systems. If an employee forgot a password, Human Resources had to intervene to reset it. In response, the company implemented simple-to-support single sign-on technology from F5, which has improved productivity enterprise-wide.

Global Legal Services Company Simplifies IT Environment, Streamlines Federation with F5 Solution

Epiq, a worldwide provider of legal services and technology, adopted Microsoft Office 365 to reduce cost and labor overhead in its data centers. To integrate Office 365 into its overall infrastructure, the company deployed solutions from F5, including one to unify application access, resulting in a simpler, more efficient, and more secure IT environment.

DWCLA Deploys BIG-IP Solutions to Consolidate Network Equipment, Build Basic SSO Framework

Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts (DWCLA) migrated its core internal IT systems to the cloud and deployed Office 365 in September 2016. It chose F5 BIG-IP solutions to consolidate network equipment in a private cloud solution and enable SSO for access to multiple discrete systems. DWCLA aims to fully exploit all the functionality BIG-IP solutions have to offer going forward.

The unbelievable Machine Company Improves Performance and Security for Its Cloud Services with F5

Cloud provider and big data specialist The unbelievable Machine Company (*um) from Berlin guarantees high performance and security. Using the latest technologies, a wide expertise, and maximum flexibility, *um can manage the individual and sophisticated needs of its customers—aspiring Internet start-ups and large corporations. In this way *um provides its customers with competitive advantages.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Gains Security, Manageability, Efficiency with F5 Solution

Top online jewelry supplier Fire Mountain Gems and Beads faced end-of-life devices in its mission-critical, on-premises data center. Replacing components and consolidating functions with a cost-effective F5 solution resulted in immediate performance improvements and a more secure, more easily managed, and readily extensible deployment.

University of Technology Sydney Consolidates IT Services to Increase Efficiency and Security with F5

Founded in 1988, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a multi-campus tertiary institution in Sydney, Australia. The college was placed fourth across the country in the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) Leiden Ranking 2015 and 14th global young university, based on universities less than 50 years old.

UTS began to undertake a strategic development program of its IT infrastructure in late 2015, to consolidate existing core load balancing, web application firewall (WAF) and remote virtual private network (VPN) services onto a single platform – all of which were provided by three different vendors. The point solutions lacked automation, high availability, appropriate security, separate maintenance contracts and required specialist IT administrator skills. 

Keio University Uses F5 Solution to Achieve Higher Security with Less Operational Burden

Keio University’s Information Technology Center (ITC), located in Mita, operates and manages both its local network and the backbone for the entire university’s core network. Keio’s network VPN solution provided the flexibility needed but created serious security concerns. Keio recently introduced F5 application delivery services to complement its existing load balancing system. This VPN overhaul closed security gaps and made it easy to introduce SSL in the educational/research system, reducing network operational burden. Keio also has plans to utilize F5’s web application firewall solution to enhance the protection from cyber-attacks.

Kanaiwa Hospital Uses F5 to Increase Medical Team Collaboration and Expand In-home Patient Care

Kanaiwa Hospital needed to extend the capacity of its medical staff and meet the requirements for in-home patient care services as mandated by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW). Using F5 technology, the hospital established a secure virtual desktop environment that enables doctors and other key care providers—from any location—to share resources and information critical to patient treatment.