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Xiamen Airlines Gives their Customers a Refreshed User Experience

Consumers’ habits and expectations are drastically different today. Technological evolution is a key driver. To stay ahead and relevant, enterprises have to constantly innovate and introduce services to meet customers’ expectations. IT plays a very important role. An elastic, scalable and intelligent infrastructure future-proof IT investment, drives competitiveness of the aviation industry. 


We were most impressed with F5’s close collaboration with leading software and application vendors. Zhang Zhe Yu, network architect for Xiamen Airlines

Business Challenges


The growth of China’s economy in the recent years created huge opportunities for the aviation industry. For Xiamen Airlines, the fifth largest Chinese domestic carrier, business opportunities and consumer expectations also grew ever more demanding. For instance, inflight experience, safety, mobile terminals, ticketing, travel information and website experience.

On the other hand, expectations from internal users are also increasing. As staff mobility increases, so is challenge of delivering enterprise applications to users. It is IT’s responsibility to ensure users have accelerated and secure access to aviation management system, customer relationship management system, enterprise resource planning system and to deploy new applications quickly and securely.



Mr. Zhang Zhe Yu, network architect for Xiamen Airlines, shared his experience from their recent IT infrastructure upgrade project. He said the project aims to improve the experiences of internal and external users. They seek to improve performance of business applications, accelerate application services, and ensure security of network and applications. After rounds of selection, Xiamen Airlines decided on F5 solutions for its manageability, scalability and interoperability with major database and virtualization vendors.

Regarding the role F5 plays in the infrastructure upgrade project, Mr. Zhang elaborates, “F5 has made much progress in the area of application security in recent years, especially in application layer security and DDoS mitigation capability. The joint solution of F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) and database firewall gave us the ability to build a flexible and secure network. In addition, F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) improves our management and delivery of applications to internal and external users".



He continues, "F5’s technology alliance realized a true flexible architecture instead of traditional silo architecture design. Obviously, we enjoyed higher productivity with the ease of deployment and management, and in the process reduce possibility of errors”. 

Xiamen Airlines newly upgraded infrastructure went live on schedule. Mr. Zhang said, “F5’s engineers were very professional. Before deployment, they initiated rounds of planning with our IT team, the commitment paved the way to clear understanding of deployment process. This is especially critical for our on-schedule completion. Today, we have greatly improved performance and security of our network and applications.”