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China Telecom Jiangsu Branch: Active-active Datacenter to Optimize Resources

As the leading telecom service provider, China Telecommunications Corporation provides the largest integrated information service solutions, which covers broad-band internet access, mobile communications, information technology applications and fixed-line telephone services.The telecom operator stays ahead of competition by ensuring high level of service and product quality and fast to market services.

With the rapid growth of mobile internet, cloud computing and big data has propelled adoption of new applications and technology. Business and users expect services to be always available. This has created enormous pressure in the data center infrastructure, the need to be agile and better control over cost and resources.


Business Challenges

It is very competitive in the Telecommunications sector. China Telecom Jiangsu Branch understands that and has deliberately embarked on maximizing investment in their data center architecture. According to regulation, telecom companies have to have a primary data center and a secondary data center for business continuity purposes replicating the exact resources for disaster recovery. In reality, the secondary data center performs non-critical operations and simple backup. Most times, it is running at idle capacity. If the business continuity center can play a more important role, it will no doubt greatly increase efficiency for business. 



Jiangsu Branch ran an IT infrastructure upgrade project. IT branch manager Mr. Guo Jian shares his thoughts on how telecom operators can make full use of assets with an active-active data center strategy to improve overall quality of service. Guo said that the emergence of all kinds of apps and mobile internet trend significantly changed the needs of consumers today. The business must respond quickly to market needs, more importantly enhance quality of operation and services. After strict selection, they chose to deploy F5 technologies – VIPRION as the ADC platform running Local Traffic Manager (LTM) and Global Traffic Manager (GTM), together with VMware vSphere, vCenter, vFabric to automate our data center. The results, overall lower total cost of ownership and improved user experience. 

F5 has many successful deployments in multi-active data center projects. Their recent software defined application services concept also provide the possibility to realize our goal of creating a software-defined data center. Guo Jian, IT Branch Manager, China Telecom Jiangsu Branch


Guo added, “F5 BIG-IP compression, replication and TCP optimization capabilities speed up traffic between data centers, and have the ability to quickly restore virtual machines on second site. These significantly deploy and migrate application services faster, thus ensuring a high level of service availability. More commendable is the integrated solution between F5 and VMware. The two company’s solution enable us to look at infrastructure as a whole instead of a silo approach. This greatly reduces the complexity and helps our IT staff to reduce probability of error and management”.

With the deployment of F5 and VMware, the cloud strategy of China Telecom’s Jiangsu Branch has begun to take shape. The data center is now automated and disaster recovery in real-time has become a reality. Active-active data center is key to higher resource efficiency and is especially important to telecommunications, financial and large enterprise. This is the differentiation of a competitive and forward-looking organization.