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Başari Mobile Raises Its Game With Faster, More Available Services For Smartphone Users

Başari Mobile is a leading provider of games, content and entertainment apps for smart phones and mobile devices in Turkey.  Following the deployment of F5’s application delivery controller platform, it achieved 99.5% availability and accelerated page loads to provide a significantly improved quality of service for customers.

Business Challenges


As the leading distributor of mobile games in Turkey, Başari Mobile cannot afford to compromise.  It delivers over 170,000 multi-media content services to 12 million customers a year, and these entertainment-hungry mobile Internet users expect extremely fast app performance and constant availability.

The organisation was concerned that if it did not continue to provide a high quality of service, its customers might become disillusioned and its revenues might fall.  İsrafil Dilmeç, Operation and Services Director at Başari Mobile, explains: “We depend on transaction-based revenue, via our customers directly or via operators.  The lower our availability, the lower our income.  Additionally, customers naturally go away when they experience poor quality assurance.” 

For several months, business had been growing steadily, causing traffic volumes to build.  Consequently, Başari Mobile’s open-source network platform was under strain, particularly at peak times following mobile operator campaigns, in holiday periods and during big sporting events.

“Spikes in traffic were causing problems on our back-end, which increased our support staff costs and led to unexpected investments for make-shift solutions,” says Dilmeç.  “We were not fully utilising our infrastructure hence our operational costs and losses were not under control.”

“We have increased availability from 80-85% to 99.5% since deploying F5.” İsrafil Dilmeç, Operation and Services Director, Başari Mobile



Dilmeç spoke with peers in the mobile industry about his challenges and sought their advice on potential new enterprise network solutions.  “I was told that I should trust F5 without a second thought,” he recalls.  “I researched F5’s background and perspective on application delivery on the Internet and decided that it was not only a highly technical company, but also the right business partner for my operation.”

In parallel, Dilmeç engaged the F5 partner Infrasis to deploy the F5 products, as well as redesign the front and the middle parts of the organisation’s services topology. “Infrasis managed the entire transition to F5 with almost no downtime,” he says.  “The consultants worked just like our employees and provided valuable input to optimise the design of the project from an application delivery perspective.”

The application delivery controller selected by Başari Mobile is F5’s BIG-IP 1600 unit with BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) module.  This solution currently supports more than 40 application and HTTP servers serving different projects and applications including an Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture.  The network has an average WAN throughput of 150 mbps during normal times.  F5 BIG-IP LTM performs a range of functions in the network including load balancing, content switching based on HTTP parameters, caching, compression and visual performance reporting.

Başari Mobile took advantage of F5’s highly flexible programming language, iRules, to customise the configuration of its BIG-IP LTM solution.  “Using iRules, we were able to route all of our HTTP traffic to the best available server and improve our handling of error responses,” says Dilmeç. “This helps us to maintain a much higher quality of service than before.”

“We can literally feel the difference F5 makes on pages with long running queries.” İsrafil Dilmeç, Operation and Services Director, Başari Mobile



The deployment of F5’s BIG-IP platform has completely transformed the delivery of mobile apps at Başari Mobile.  This dynamic organisation now enjoys increased application availability, better service level agreement (SLA) compliance, optimal utilisation of network and system resources, and decreased support staff costs.

App availability raised to 99.5%

Any unplanned downtime can have serious consequences for Başari Mobile both in terms of loss of reputation and loss of revenue.  It is therefore of huge importance to the company that the deployment of F5 has led to a substantial reduction in downtime.

“There has been a dramatic increase in availability,” Dilmeç reports. “I can confirm that we have increased availability from 80-85% to 99.5% since deploying F5.”

The F5 platform itself has delivered consistent, strong performance, coping effortlessly with unexpected peaks in traffic.  “BIG-IP has been very reliable, despite the heavy and critical load it handles,” Dilmeç says.  “We have never had a support case regarding the product.”

Bandwidth usage increased by 200%

Başari Mobile has successfully used the compression capabilities of F5’s platform to optimise bandwidth usage and free up capacity in its network.  “We are observing a 180-200% improvement in our bandwidth usage because of compression,” says Dilmeç.  “We do more transactions per second than before, so we can serve our customers faster, while also serving even more customers.”

In addition, Başari Mobile has used F5’s caching capabilities to great effect.  For example, the organisation provides a weather and news service for android phones that generates over 80 million hits a week.  “Using F5 to serve this content with caching has almost removed the impact of this app from our back-end servers,” says Dilmeç.  “We wouldn’t be able to function under this load economically without F5.”

As well as reducing bandwidth, Başari Mobile has also reduced the CPU usage on its servers from 78% to 20%.  Together, all these system resource savings will enable Başari Mobile to deliver more services from the same infrastructure.  The organisation will therefore save money in the future as it expands its customer base and rolls out new mobile apps.

Quality of service improved  

Başari Mobile is particularly proud of the improvement in its customers’ mobile experience.  Although page load times differ greatly depending on the content served, many pages today take 1.5 seconds or less to load. “We can literally feel the difference F5 makes on pages with long running queries,” says Dilmeç.  “This wouldn’t be possible without an intelligent application delivery platform which utilises our resources according the request and the status of our server farms.”

With the deployment of F5, Başari Mobile has also managed to remove 15-20 milliseconds of latency on each HTTP transaction.  Its old load balancer was not fully proxying the connections and was not able to do protocol-level optimisations.  Now, however, the organisation can serve the same or even more content with fewer protocol-level connections, which eliminates latency. 

Başari Mobile has SLAs with mobile network operators that stipulate the quality of service customers expect.  Failure to adhere to these agreements can lead to financial penalties, as well as damaged commercial relationships.  “Since we deployed F5, we have made a great improvement in honoring our SLAs,” says Dilmeç.  “I can tell you that we have not paid any penalties since F5 started delivering our traffic.  I trust F5 and rely on it for the business that I am responsible for.”