Develop Your Application, Control Your Network

As development teams and IT embrace collaborative app development (also known as DevOps) organizations have seen significant reward. To that end, F5’s LineRate Application Proxy gives DevOps even more power by allowing developers to access the data path via the Node.js environment, while enabling system administrators to maintain stability and control over the network.

Developer Friendly

LineRate Proxy scripting is based on the popular Node.js api, a popular and incredibly flexible language with a deep library of existing modules to appropriate for your own use. LineRate can be used to enforce parental controls for example, or intelligently insert ads into mobile apps. You could selectively redirect traffic for A/B testing or duplicate traffic to run through a test server. You are limited only by your imagination.

Community Expertise

Lightboard Lessons: Why Super-NetOps

Jason Rahm | 1/30/2018

Super-NetOps is not a technology, it’s an evolutionary journey. Already featuring two complete classes on integrating NetOps expertise into the benefits of a DevOps world, this training program is poised to help the NetOps professional take a...

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Using to build your own BIG-IP Vagrant boxes

Tim Rupp | 8/15/2016

Briefly showcase the tooling that has been developed to allow for building BIG-IP Vagrant box images

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Demystifying iControl REST Part 7 - Understanding Transactions

Jason Rahm | 8/12/2016

iControl REST. It’s iControl SOAP’s baby, brother, introduced back in TMOS version 11.4 as an early access feature but released fully in version 11.5. Several articles on basic usage have been written about the rest interface so the intent here...

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iWorkflow 201 (episode #03) - Calling REST from scripting languages (Javascript and Python)

Nathan Pearce | 8/12/2016

NOTE: there’s a video at the end if you don’t want to read this! Thus far, we’ve had a lot of focus on POSTMAN collections. For those who haven’t been following the series, POSTMAN is a great REST client that we’ve been using to demonstrate the F5...

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F5 Programmability for Eclipse - Installation Instructions

Jason Rahm | 7/1/2016

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to announce a brand new editor for your iRules: F5 Programmability for Eclipse! This editor supports iRules & iRules LX in its initial release, but stay tuned for more features down the road. One...

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