SSL really is everywhere.

SSL/TLS enables businesses to communicate securely with customers and partners. More and more organizations are protecting not just their business services, but all communication from email and social media to streaming video—including outbound—with SSL/TLS.

The challenge is that SSL/TLS can also function as a tunnel that attackers use to hide malware from security devices. And while your next-gen firewall watches users, your IDS/IPS knows thousands of vulnerabilities, and your Sandbox can find 0-days, they don’t see into encrypted SSL/TLS traffic.

Enterprise security solutions must gain visibility into this encrypted traffic to make sure it doesn’t bring malware into the network. Enter: SSL/TLS decryption.

$8 million.

The cost of an average app attack.

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Decrypt malware without the typical drawbacks.

Traditional security gateways, network firewalls, and intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliances have SSL decryption capabilities, but most organizations don’t have the right architecture in place to enable it holistically. And because SSL/TLS changes over time, your architecture would have to be maintained and upgraded to stay ahead of new threats.

With F5 as the strategic point of control in your network, you’ll get unique levels of visibility into encrypted traffic minus the pitfalls of competing firewall decryption solutions. Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • Flexible deployment modes that easily integrate into even the most complex architectures, centralize SSL/TLS decryption and encryption, and deliver the latest encryption technologies across your security infrastructure—without costly architecture upgrades.
  • Industry-leading decryption and re-encryption allow you to offload the overhead of decryption, so your security devices can perform at their best.
  • Dynamic security service chaining (including anti-virus/malware products, intrusion detection systems [IDS], IPSs, next-generation firewalls, and data loss prevention [DLP]) matches the URL with policies that determine whether encrypted traffic should be allowed to pass or be decrypted and sent through a security device or service.
  • Full cipher support ensures that every device in the security stack has full traffic visibility.
  • Two-way SSL/TLS encryption/decryption with HTTP/2 and TLS1.2 with forward secrecy to your internet users.

F5 security solutions manage SSL to give you better performance and effectiveness across your security stack. And because F5’s high performance SSL/TLS stack is custom-built over 15 years, F5 customers aren’t typically vulnerable to OpenSSL flaws like Heartbleed.

1IDC Report: The Blind State of Rising SSL Traffic

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