F5 offers security policies that scale.

Application vulnerabilities are responsible for over 70 percent of data breaches.1 F5 has been focused on application access management and protection for over 20 years.

Our remote access and identity federation solutions let you customize the security policies that follow your apps, providing centralized and secure authentication and access control for users—no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Our contextual, dynamic, and risk-based approach to application access improves the user experience and scales without limits. And the policies and controls you create stay consistent wherever your apps are deployed.

Make sure people are who they say they are.

Users no longer distinguish between remote access and on-premises access. They expect to connect from anywhere, on any device, whether they’re in the office, at home, at a hotel, on a flight, or at their local coffee shop. It’s up to network and security teams to ensure people can get their work done, without putting the business or its data at risk.

Fragmented identities and decentralized apps introduce significant risk due to the challenges of enforcing security policies across Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud, and on-premises applications.

With hybrid cloud environments becoming the norm, it’s important to make sure that "outside" apps have the same secure authentication as those inside your data center. Our solutions let you consolidate authentication to eliminate the risks that come with identity sprawl, and can integrate a variety of multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.

$8 million.

The cost of an average app attack.

Are your apps protected?


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Single sign-on helps.

Single sign-on (SSO) requires authentication, and it’s token-based; each user is identified by a token, not a password.

Using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard, our application access solutions can serve as a SAML identity provider (IdP) for SaaS apps and a service provider for apps in the public cloud or on-premises. Regardless of where your applications live, your users' credentials remain safe and secure in one place because a trusted token is passed to applications when a user signs in.

F5 handles authentication for all your apps. Your users can sign in once and securely access the applications they use all the time, like Microsoft Office or Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Salesforce, and others—over all networks and from all devices, while integrating with numerous MDM/MAM vendors.

They’re trying to connect to what from where?

As organizations deliver more and more sensitive data through applications, they introduce ever-increasing risk. Today’s users are everywhere, frequently outside the corporate network, working on a variety of devices, relying on apps located anywhere—from private data centers to the public cloud.

Our solutions give you up-to-the-minute access control and let you create and manage custom access policies, regardless of the location of the user or the app. By analyzing all devices both before and after access is granted, you can avoid the exposure to risks associated with remote or consumer device endpoints. You can assign access privileges and security policies that ensure the right people have access to the right data—from the right places and on the right devices.

Make sure you can control remote access and identity federation without adding the complexity that costly point solutions can introduce into your network. F5's application access solutions:

  • Simplify the integration of authentication tools by creating an identity bridge, a trusted chain of user identity between two entities—networks, clouds, applications, etc.—via industry standards like SAML.
  • Make the cumbersome duplication and insertion of identity directories unnecessary.
  • Keep identity and access under the control of your enterprise, with authentication happening between the enterprise, cloud, and SaaS providers.
  • Centralize enterprise control of instant user authentication and termination.
  • Offer the most scalable remote access and identity federation solution in the industry, delivering over 5x the scale available from Citrix and Pulse Secure and 10x the scale of many other vendors.
  • Provide fast, secure access with numerous authentication methods, including a variety of multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.

1 Based on aggregated data from IT Business Edge, Krebs on Security, Security Week, and CSO Online.