You can't secure what you can't see.

Protect your applications—the door to your data and your business.

Applications power businesses of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500. Your business is driven by them, your customers connect with you through them, and your employees can’t do their jobs without them. But, as critical as they are, applications also expose your business to threats. Applications and their data are a focal point for today’s attacks.

Today, there are over 1 billion web apps. In 2020, that could easily be 5 billion. All those apps could be targets for attacks and securing applications is fraught with complexity. With the pervasiveness of Internet encryption (SSL/TLS ), mobile devices, and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), risks are only increasing.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

Data is the currency among cybercriminals.


The data behind the application includes business strategies, finances, and your customers' most sensitive information. So, how do we help you ensure only the right people get access to the right data while also keeping the app protected?

Over 70 percent of today’s Internet traffic is encrypted and analysts predict it will continue to rise. This growth is creating a dangerous blind spot because many traditional, network-focused security appliances can’t effectively decrypt traffic. And hackers readily exploit this blind spot to hide malware and other threats.

By fortifying security strategies with solutions and services focused specifically on the application, you can better secure access to applications and protect the ones that expose sensitive data, no matter where they live. Look for solutions centered on access, protection, and visibility into encrypted traffic. And, above all, make sure those solutions are built on an intrinsic understanding of applications.

F5 secures applications and the data behind them—because that’s where today’s attacks happen.

With decades devoted to connecting users and applications, our solutions provide unparalleled visibility into hidden threats and offer the controls needed to manage access and reduce the risks of app attacks. Plus, our solutions support security for any infrastructure, from traditional data centers to cloud environments. This means users can securely access data on any device, in any environment, at any time.

Manage risk everywhere, including the cloud.

Traditional network-based security solutions focus on network protection and are blind to application context.

Our ability to eliminate the blind spot caused by encryption provides necessary visibility and analysis for all application traffic, so you can make decisions based on the potential risk to the application and take necessary action. Also, our solutions are delivered where businesses need them—as software, standalone hardware, virtual appliances, and in the cloud.

Only with visibility into all the weak points attackers are exploiting within user identities and applications themselves—will enterprises like yours be able to protect their data.

The growth in mobile and cloud-based applications is seen as significantly affecting application security risk.*

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*Ponemon Report 2016: Application Security in the Changing Risk Landscape

The New Approach

As the perimeter dissolves, application access, application protection, and visibility into all traffic become critical to protecting data.

SSL/TLS Visibility and Control

See what’s hidden in encrypted traffic.

Gain critical visibility into the traffic on your network that many traditional defenses are unable to examine, making your security stack more effective and simplifying management. Prevent data loss and ensure compliance with deeper intelligence and visibility into all data connection points (inbound and outbound traffic). Understand and mitigate attacks at every level, through layer 7.

Application Access

Enable mobile work styles without introducing risk.

Security policies follow and authorize users no matter where they’re located or what device they’re using. Enable your users to connect to their applications securely while ensuring no malware or attacks can make their way across connections. Adopt a contextual, dynamic, risk-based approach to application access that improves end-user experience without compromising security.

Application Protection

Keep business applications up and running, despite attacks.

Ensure your business critical applications are protected against a variety of network and application-level attacks. Drive business agility without compromising security—extend security controls and policies from the data center to the cloud with a range of security solutions.

More power via partnerships.

No single vendor can meet all your security needs.

We have an extensive ecosystem of integration partners who are as committed as we are to secure application access and app protection. Through these partnerships, we can help you address the entire application threat landscape.


Extend your security team.

What’s unique about F5’s Security Operations Center?

The security support we provide isn’t outsourced to a third party. You’re talking to one of our own. We hire those hard-to-find security experts and they’re using F5 products combined with state-of-the-art security tools to ensure the best protection possible. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) provide intelligence services and monitoring to identify threats and deliver immediate response.