Defense is the best offense.

Silverline DDoS Protection is a fully managed, cloud-based protection service that detects and mitigates large-scale, SSL, or application-targeted attacks in real time—defending your business from even those attacks that exceed hundreds of gigabits per second.

Under Attack?

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Silverline DDoS Protection provides L3–L7 protection with cloud-scrubbing technologies to detect, identify, and mitigate threats in real time, returning clean traffic to your site.

Stay online during an attack

Stop DDoS attacks before they reach your network and affect your business, using real-time DDoS attack detection and mitigation in the cloud.

Defend against volumetric attacks

Protect your business from even the largest DDoS attacks with attack mitigation that features multi-terabit capacity.

Protect against DNS attacks

Recognizes and stops DNS flood, reflection, and amplification attacks.

Layer 7 attack protection

Identifies and stops HTTP flood and slowloris attacks, keeping your applications available.

L3–L4 DDoS protection

Scrubs network level attacks such as SYN, TCP, ICMP, and UDP floods, as well as known signature attacks like teardrop, smurf, ping of death, mixed flood, or reflected ICMP.

Expert service and support

F5 Security Operations Center (SOC) experts are available 24x7 and respond to DDoS attacks within minutes, offering optimum service SLAs for uptime and response.

Attack mitigation insights

The F5 customer portal provides transparent attack mitigation visibility and reporting before, during, and after an attack.

A hybrid DDoS solution that drives efficiencies

Offers comprehensive DDoS protection with an on-premises solution that signals to the Silverline cloud-based platform when necessary.

Choose from two service options.


Primary protection as the first line of defense

The Always On subscription stops bad traffic from reaching your network by continuously processing all traffic through the Silverline cloud-scrubbing services and returning only legitimate traffic to your site.


Primary protection available on demand

The Always Available subscription is pre-configured for your systems, runs on standby, and can be initiated when under attack.

Anytime support.

Silverline services include anytime access to experts from our Security Operations Center (SOC), 24x7. We hire those hard-to-find, specialized security experts—and they’re using F5 products combined with state-of-the-art security tools to ensure the best protection possible.

The customer portal—visibility and reporting before, during, and after an attack.

Silverline DDoS Protection includes access to the F5 customer portal, which provides everything you need to manage services, configure proxy and routing, and gain crucial reporting and visibility into DDoS events. The portal provides details about an attack as it occurs, including the type and size of the attack, IP origin, attack vectors, mitigation process, and all actions taken by the Security Operations Center during mitigation.

You can easily add Silverline Web Application Firewall (WAF) to your subscription to protect against complex application attacks. With the customer portal, you’ll have a single pane of glass to view all attack details.

F5 Silverline Cloud-Based Security Services

Use the F5 customer portal to inspect attack mitigation design, configure and provision deployment preferences, and view attack events and communications.


Add on Silverline Threat Intelligence.

With a frequently updated list of threat sources and high-risk IP addresses, Silverline Threat Intelligence delivers context and analysis to identify and block malicious communications from multiple sources.

This managed service is only available as an add-on to either Silverline DDoS Protection or the Silverline Web Application Firewall.

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What exactly does Silverline Threat Intelligence protect against?

See more threat sources and read about how Silverline Threat Intelligence can help.

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Blocks IP addresses hosting phishing sites and other fraudulent activity, such as click fraud or gaming fraud.


Mitigates IP addresses that provide proxy and anonymization services and The Onion Router (TOR) anonymizer addresses.


Provides reconnaissance that identifies probes, host scans, domain scans, and password brute force.

Detects and blocks IP addresses used in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
Denies botnet command and control channels, as well as infected zombie machines controlled by botmasters.

Customer Stories

Tera Exchange customer evidence

"The Security Operations Center team has been excellent… this relationship has been a big success.”"

Paul Jenkins, CTO, TeraExchange

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ODN customer evidence

"Thanks to F5, our company and our customers are benefitting from improved security, simplified management, and new features."

Frank Horst, System Engineer, ODN

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Line2 customer evidence

"F5 Silverline DDoS Protection gives us the kind of security that allows us to sleep at night."

Jennifer Cohen, Director of Operations, Line2

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Weebly customer evidence

"By partnering with [F5] and utilizing its massive distributed scrubbing centers, we remain protected from these larger DDoS attacks…"

Chris Fanini, Cofounder and CTO, Weebly

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