Purpose-built performance.

Your business requirements determine the most effective way to deploy F5 software—via purpose-built hardware, lower-cost commodity hardware, the cloud, as a service, or a mix of these options.

Give your servers some breathing room. F5 hardware features the performance and on-demand scalability necessary to handle processor-intensive SSL offloading, compression, and even the largest of volumetric DoS and DDoS attacks.

Carrier-grade reliability.

F5 has complete control of hardware design, testing, and manufacturing. The result? Carrier-grade reliability that ensures your most important applications are always up and running. With F5's hardware, TMOS operating system, and software, you have a fully integrated platform to build or consolidate your application services on.

Easily consolidate app services.

With its ScaleN architecture, F5 hardware provides a truly elastic multi-tenancy solution that lets you efficiently consolidate applications and isolate workloads as business and security requirements shift.

BIG-IP Hardware

With the BIG-IP line of hardware devices, consolidate, distribute, and scale application delivery services up, in, and out of the data center. You'll find entry-level, midrange, and high-performance options built to suit a wide range of business requirements.

BIG-IP Hardware >>

BIG-IP 12000 Series

The ultra-high performance BIG-IP 12250v provides large enterprises and service providers the best SSL price/performance of all ADCs to support the emerging requirement of encrypting all application traffic. In addition, with support for up to 24 virtual ADC instances in multi-tenant environments, the BIG-IP 12250v enables consolidation of F5’s industry leading application services, including traffic management, intelligent DNS, and DDoS protection.

BIG-IP 10000 Series

The high-performance BIG-IP 10000 Series enables large enterprises and service providers to support extremely high levels of traffic and to integrate advanced DNS, optimization, and security capabilities while consolidating IT infrastructure. The FIPS 140-2 Level 2/3 compliant BIG-IP 10350v-F delivers secure scale not achievable with software only solutions through its FIPS-compliant Level 3 hardware security module (HSM), simplifying certificate management and reducing compliance costs.

BIG-IP 7000 Series

The new mid-performance BIG-IP 7000 series has best-in-class performance to provide an integrated platform for application delivery, security, and handle the most demanding applications.

BIG-IP 5000 Series

The advanced mid-range BIG-IP 5000 series unifies application delivery in a 1U, cost-effective platform. The BIG-IP 5200v has leading L7 and SSL performance while offering hardware accelerated DDoS mitigation.

BIG-IP 4000 Series

The midrange BIG-IP 4000 series ADC platform can help you meet your increasing performance and scalability requirements.

BIG-IP 2000 Series

The new entry-level BIG-IP 2000 series provides a high-performance ADC platform for organizations wanting to add integrated application delivery to their networks, with options for advanced security.

VIPRION Chassis and Blades

The VIPRION chassis empowers you to dynamically scale and adapt. Only F5 enables you to add or remove blades without disrupting your apps or users, adding superior power without adding devices. Expect to find different chassis and blade options to meet both enterprise and service provider requirements.

VIPRION Chassis and Blades >>

VIPRION 4450 Blade

VIPRION 4450 Blade

The purpose-built, NEBS-compliant VIPRION 4450 blade delivers two 100GbE ports and six 40GbE ports, vastly increasing efficiency, throughput and performance. It’s the first ADC to provide 100GbE ports in the QSFP28 form factor, delivering the smallest footprint and lowest power consumption of any 100GbE form factor. A VIPRION 4800 chassis fully loaded with VIPRION 4450 blades supports more than 1 Billion concurrent connections. In the VIPRION 4480 or 4800, the 4450 delivers significant performance improvements for SSL (2K keys) and elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) performance, enhancing perfect forward secrecy (PFS). Advanced FPGAs, memory and hardware search on the VIPRION 4450 handles and efficiently addresses software defined networking (SDN) needs, delivering CPU offloading, optimization, and adaptability.



The 2200 is an appliance-size (2U) ADC chassis that provides true pay-as-you-grow performance on demand. With support of up to two industry leading 2250 or 2150 performance blades, this chassis provides efficient consolidation of application services and dynamic resource scaling with no operational disruption. In addition, for Layer-4 centric workloads like CGNAT and traffic management, users can select an optimized performance profile that approximately doubles the throughput of the B2250 blade to 155Gbps.



A true pay-as-you-grow model, the 2400 offers on demand L7, SSL, and compression performance with no operational disruption. For agility and improved efficiency, it provides the highest density multi-tenant virtualization solution that can dynamically scale virtual ADC instances as your business requirements change. With the introduction of the new 2250 and 2150 blades, F5 is now incorporating enterprise-class solid state drive (SSD) storage for improved disk i/o performance and reliability. To save on cooling and energy costs, the 2400 utilizes 80 PLUS Gold Certified power supplies.



The NEBS-certified 4480 was designed with carrier-grade reliability in mind. With support for industry-first 40 GbE ports, multi-tenant virtualization support, and the capability to add up to four blades to its chassis, you can scale your Application Delivery Network and security as business demands grow.



Meeting the needs of the world's largest service providers, enterprises, and web-based businesses, the 4800 provides unsurpassed consolidation of ADC services with up to 48 vCMP instances. You can add up to a total of eight blades to achieve maximum throughout, L7 RPS, SSL performance, and compression with no disruption. Designed completely in-house, the 4800 delivers an exceptional customer experience, maximum performance and scalability, and carrier-grade reliability. It's also the most power-efficient chassis, with 80 PLUS Gold Certified power supplies for lower cooling and energy requirements.