A faster, more secure road to the cloud.

Colocation interconnection service adoption is growing, and with good reason. You get the flexibility and scale of public cloud while managing security, traffic, and policy programs in a physical environment. By pushing applications, content, and processing closer to the edge of the Internet, you’ll gain measurable improvement in performance and lower costs.

Bring it together with the BIG-IP platform.

Cloud providers take infrastructure security very seriously. However, it’s up to you to ensure the security of the applications and data and you put in the cloud. Running BIG-IP products in a colocation environment allows you to insert security controls at the most effective point: the digital edge, where traffic enters and exits your cloud application. You can also use purpose-built hardware for intensive tasks like rapid SSL encryption/decryption. In fact, you can recreate your security stack in a colocation facility or consolidate more of your security controls with BIG-IP solutions.

Freedom of choice.

With the BIG-IP platform, you can control access and apply common policy across cloud providers. Your application remains cloud-vendor agnostic, making it easier to implement a multi-cloud strategy or move your applications between cloud vendors as your needs change and technology advances.

Key benefits of the BIG-IP platform in colocation environments.
  • Protect and control traffic to and from the public cloud.
  • Apply access and security policies to applications running in the public cloud.
  • Manage your solutions from a common interface across all your infrastructures.
Use cases: BIG-IP solutions in colocation environments.
  • Single sign on (SSO) and cloud federation—Get simplified, secure access to applications, regardless of location.
  • Web application firewall (bi-directional)—Protect your applications (and the data behind them) from application layer attacks.
  • SSL termination and content inspection—Decrypt, inspect, and re-encrypt all SSL traffic to and from your cloud applications.
  • DDoS protection—Shield your mission-critical applications from volumetric attacks.

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