Today’s app revolution requires an application delivery evolution.

Is load balancing dead? No, it has evolved into something much greater. That something is application delivery, which includes traditional load balancing for delivering any application, plus a range of security, performance, and management services. These services help you follow through on the promise of your applications.

Apps have been F5’s focus for 20 years. As leaders in the application services industry, our expertise in helping power fast, available, and secure applications forms the foundation for our entire catalog of solutions.

Perform flawlessly. Always be available.

Customers and employees rely on your applications. Customers expect fast, uninterrupted access to rich, dynamic applications wherever they are. Employees expect the same. And they’re often accessing enterprise applications on mobile devices, including their own.

If an organization fails to meet customer expectations, those customers can easily find an alternative. And when employees abandon enterprise applications, productivity is at risk. To keep all users satisfied, F5 solutions help accelerate application response time, minimize latency and delays, and reduce the number of data round trips necessary to complete a web request—so apps just work.

Understanding ADC Performance Metrics

It’s time for a more unified application delivery architecture.

You’ve always delivered applications. Most of them changed infrequently and deployed from your on-premises data centers. They’ve streamlined processes, provided new services and offerings, and enhanced customer experiences.

Today, you’re managing hundreds—even thousands—of applications, including emerging applications that are updated often. They’re delivered from hybrid environments, including on-premises data centers, private cloud, public cloud, and SaaS. As a result, your infrastructure could be relying on application delivery methods that work in opposition.

App environments are a bit like snowflakes.

You don’t have to choose between maintaining security and stability, and providing the agility DevOps requires to support rapid change. It’s possible to bridge both environments with an architecture that provides these benefits for every single one of your applications.

Your application landscape, whatever it looks like and regardless of volume, requires the right services. With a unified application delivery architecture, you can provide optimal security, performance, and availability services to each one of your applications—wherever and however they’re deployed.


2018 State of Application Delivery

Security, Cloud, and Automation:
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Key architecture components.

Now that you’re delivering apps across your environment—many times with traditional IT resources—ensure successful delivery of those apps with these five crucial components:

Application Delivery Services

Deploy advanced application delivery services such as DDoS protection, WAF, DNS, TCP optimization, and global server load balancing to keep applications secure, fast, and always available.

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Service Delivery Platforms

Leverage the right mix of hardware devices, software, lightweight proxies, or a cloud-based application service platform for your hybrid environment.

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Service Templates

Save time, ensure consistent deployments, and reduce the operational risk of manual deployments by codifying standard configuration elements for a particular service.

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Platform Management Systems

Cut administration overhead by providing tools to manage, monitor, and upgrade Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs).

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Container Integrations

Integrate F5 application delivery solutions with your container environments for increased availability, automation, security, and visibility.

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Deploy however you want.


Both the BIG-IP family of devices and the VIPRION chassis are purpose-built, powerful hardware that F5 software runs on.

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SOFTWARE (Virtual Editions)

BIG-IP virtual editions have the same features as those that run on F5 purpose-built hardware—and you can deploy them on any leading hypervisor or select cloud providers.

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Silverline services are 100 percent managed by F5 experts, so you can deploy enterprise-grade app services across environments—without upfront investments in IT infrastructure and support.

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F5 application services work exactly the same way in the public and private cloud as they do in the data center.

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