Securely connect public clouds to data centers.

F5 Application Connector connects public clouds to your application service infrastructure within cloud interconnects or data centers. This enables the use of public cloud resources as part of your compute infrastructure while also performing workload discovery and deploying consistent app services across your multi-cloud environments.

Consistent app services that deliver performance and security.

Applications are rapidly migrating to public clouds. And many are born in the cloud. However, these apps in flight have uneven levels of service configurations.

In this environment, consistency and performance are key. And that’s where F5 Application Connector comes in.

F5 Application Connector helps you perform workload auto-discovery within the AWS and Azure public cloud. You can also orchestrate a secure connection from any public cloud to the Application Connector on the BIG-IP platform to enable application services insertion.

Take control of public cloud security.

Application Connector allows you to control your public cloud app services such as SSL, app protection, and access control. Whether you auto-discover new workloads in AWS or are migrating workloads to any public cloud, you can deploy and manage your application security services and footprint in one cloud interconnect or data center.

With a set of features that includes auto-discovery of AWS cloud-hosted workloads, secure websocket TLS ECC communication from any public cloud to the Application Connector on BIG-IP, and app services insertion, you’ll achieve control extending across all public cloud services.

Here’s what Application Connector can do:

SSL Orchestrator
Manage SSL with a strong encryption posture and keep crypto keys under your control.
SSL Orchestrator
Reduce your footprint by leveraging a shared services infrastructure.
SSL Orchestrator
Lower your attack surface with no public IP addresses in the cloud.
SSL Orchestrator
Extend layer 7 app protection and access services continuity for any public cloud.

A solution that works with your existing configuration.

Add Application Connector to any physical or virtual BIG-IP product via cloud interconnect, in the data center, or private cloud. It improves security and performance by keeping configurations centrally located, enabling app services insertion for lift-and-shift migration or born-in-the-cloud apps. It also extends costly common security services infrastructure to multiple cloud providers, avoiding service lock-in.

Consolidated multi-cloud access and availability.

Easily make policy changes across public cloud app deployments. Application Connector brings access control policies to public cloud apps, enabling Single Sign-On with OAuth and SAML insertion, while delivering clear administrative access control to all apps.

You can also configure Application Connector to enable local and global app-delivery services across multiple virtual public clouds in service providers with high availability, app health monitoring, and geolocation for the closest app to user.


Secure TLS ECC encryption

Provides the highest level of security between your public cloud workloads and centralized service insertion tier.

Visual service center interface

Visual mapping of all your public cloud workload, overlaying health and status of individual workloads.

Workload Auto Discovery

Automatic discovery of AWS and Azure workloads.

Duplicate Address Space Management

Manage virtual public cloud networks with overlapping address space for single or multiple applications.

Workload Definition and State Management

Give control and API access to distributed application and public cloud administration teams to manage the state and delivery of services—without granting access to the BIG-IP platform.

Multi-Path Workload Discovery

Provides multiple paths to workloads in public cloud, ensuring high availability and horizontal scaling of network capacity.