Citrix delivers industry-leading application and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. Citrix XenApp enables enterprises to provide any application as an on-demand service, and Citrix XenDesktop delivers full virtual desktops to PCs, Macs, thin clients, and mobile devices.


F5 makes your Citrix environment better by optimizing the user experience, simplifying your infrastructure, and unifying access control and security. Combine the transformational XenApp and XenDesktop delivery solutions from a proven VDI leader with F5’s industry-leading Application Delivery Networking solutions, and you’re well on your way to best-of-breed VDI.

Unify access control and security

F5 technology eliminates the need for point solutions because it provides: policy-based, context-aware access; a built-in firewall; single sign-on (SSO); and support for multiple strong/multi-factor authentication. It also enables you to easily manage granular access controls and enforce BYOD policies.

Improve the VDI user experience

F5 products apply optimizations that enhance the performance of Citrix-delivered apps over the WAN—even real-time video, audio, and VoIP—enabling you to provide a top-quality user experience on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices.

Simplify your infrastructure

With F5, you can dramatically simplify operational complexities otherwise required in a Citrix Cloud Gateway implementation. F5 consolidates the functions of NetScaler Access Gateway, StoreFront, AppController, and two firewalls onto one BIG-IP device. This reduces hardware costs, simplifies management, and provides superior monitoring and troubleshooting.

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