Milestone Systems is a 14-year-old firm headquartered in Minnesota, with offices in major cities across the USA. They focus on securing enterprise networks—the lifeblood of your business—from cyberattacks, malware, and other modern threats that put business at risk.

Using F5 solutions, Milestone can help companies gain deep visibility into application and traffic events, while enhancing security information and event management analysis.

Securing Your Lifeblood

Milestone Systems helps ensure that your organization’s lifeblood becomes and remains secure from modern hackers and cyber threats—whether that means your online presence serving employees and customers, or the network carrying your data, or the data centers housing electronic assets.

Enabling Your Lifeblood

As symbolized by the infinity shape of their logo, Milestone Systems enables zero interruption, an endless and continuous flow of the technology you rely on for your lifeblood. No downtime. No interruption of service. Always on. Always available.

Supporting Your Lifeblood

Surrounding F5 devices, Milestone Systems provides certified training, 24x7x365 technical support, project management and consulting, SME staffing, and application security assessment. They help IT teams across the country enable their networks for high availability, security, visibility, and optimization.

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