As the threat landscape has moved from infrastructure to application, the requirements to deploy security solutions have changed as well.

help AG Middle East utilizes the F5 portfolio of application delivery controllers to deliver innovative security solutions covering everything from datacenter, application delivery to WEB-application environments. With a focus on deep application security understanding and strong subject matter expertise on the F5 solution portfolio, help AG delivers full end-to-end security deployments addressing everything from source-code analysis, web-application audits and vulnerability assessments to mitigation of identified vulnerabilities through the correct technical controls. 


Deep application knowledge means better solutions

How can you protect an application if you do not understand how it works? help AG Middle East has a deep understanding of standard application frameworks and has been deploying F5 ADC solution for over 15 years. Our certified experts deliver in-depth knowledge and valuable deployment experience.


In-house development delivers shorter deployment times

help AG Middle East has a team of engineers dedicated to making a great solution even better. Our in-house team of experts develops iRules and iApps which take the F5 ADC platform to a new level.


Deployment standards

Every single F5 deployment that help AG Middle East performs is done in accordance with our own internally developed standard templates derived from years of deployment experience. This means customers are ensured a consistent, high quality experience when dealing with help AG Middle East.