Enterprises in the information age demand business continuity and secure, high performing applications that improve productivity. Grupo Electrodata fills this demand using F5 products and professional engineers.   

Effective, Reliable Communication

Often language barriers and little understanding of a specific environment affect time to market. Together Grupo Electrodata and F5 provide highly trained engineers who are bilingual in English and Spanish and have strong working knowledge in your business sector. 

Secure and Complete Application Deployment

Deploying new and sensitive applications on the internet makes your company vulnerable to numerous glitches and malicious attacks. Grupo Electrodata and F5 work together to ensure that your applications are well protected and always available on your network. 

Professional, Specialized Onsite Support

Grupo Electrodata recruits engineers passionate about technology. Our team of specialized engineers stay current on network security best practices. We also look forward to bringing you a higher level of support by providing onsite problem solving and face-to-face communication.

Gain Strong Competitive Advantage

There’s no question that strategic planning and implementation lead to satisfied, long-term customers. Because of our capacity to build a customized network infrastructure and because of the various tools we have to measure your application and network performance, we’ll put you miles ahead of your competition.