blog / Mar 09, 2017 (MODIFIED: Apr 14, 2017)

Security’s “Rule Zero” Violated Again with Zero-Day Apache Struts 2 Exploit

If you’re running Apache Struts 2 and the vulnerable component, stop reading and update now.

blog / Mar 03, 2017 (MODIFIED: Mar 20, 2017)

Speed Over Security Still Prevalent in Spite of Substantial Risk for IoT Apps

Speed to market means IoT and mobile apps are being released with known vulnerabilities.

blog / Feb 24, 2017 (MODIFIED: Mar 29, 2017)

Cloudbleed: What We Know and What You Should Do

Definitive steps individuals and organizations can take today to deal with the impact of Cloudbleed.

blog / Feb 02, 2017 (MODIFIED: Mar 03, 2017)

Friendly Reminder: App Security in the Cloud is Your Responsibility

Nearly 200,000 servers are still vulnerable to Heartbleed—and the organizations who own them might surprise you.

blog / Jan 19, 2017 (MODIFIED: Feb 23, 2017)

The New Insider Threat: Automation Frameworks

One of the pillars of DevOps is - according to its founders - automation. Along with automation naturally comes orchestration, which as you might guess is automation but at a higher level of abstraction. Where automation focuses on using...

blog / Nov 14, 2016 (MODIFIED: Feb 24, 2017)

Security’s Blind Spot: Application Layer Visibility

We’ve all seen after-the-fact security camera footage of a wide variety of crimes splashed across social media and news sites. This visibility is a critical component of any judicial system, as it helps identify who did what and provides crucial, objective evidence of what actually happened.

blog / Oct 04, 2016 (MODIFIED: Feb 24, 2017)

Bug Bounty Programs Only Half the Battle

What's the other half? And why don't organizations just find and fix their own bugs?

blog / Aug 12, 2016 (MODIFIED: Jan 19, 2017)

Is HEIST a Risk or a Threat?

HEIST is an example of how risk and threat are different, and why the distinction matters.

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