Use this calculator to estimate the return on investment (ROI) of implementing next generation F5 Application Delivery Controllers to offload work from servers and recoup server CPU cycles.

Realize significant savings through reduced server hardware expense, reduced power and cooling expense, and reduced management overhead. Results are calculated for three-year and five-year analysis on the calculator below.

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F5コミュニティがserver offloadingの質問にお答えいたします。下記に質問を入力の上、コミュニティに投稿ボタンを押して下さい。

1 Offload percentage for SSL alone is estimated at 30%; compression offload, 20%; TCP Managment, 66%; cumulative 80%; we use a minimum of 40% cumulative.

2 Gartner’s Worldwide Server Forecast, 2002-2014 suggesting the percentage growth of server purchases will be 5% year-over-year; your growth may vary.

3 This depends significantly on the your specific configuration and pricing; sample ranges were anywhere from $5000usd to $50,000usd; hosted solutions may vary.

4 provides some base guidlines on maximum idle power consumption, however, as demonstrated, real power consumption is dictated by specific configuration, load and conversion factor; we used minimal 150W ratings, however real enterprise server consumption is bound to be much greater.

5 provides average samplings for calculation purposes, however actual costs are much better; we've used the estimated 2009 commercial average.

6 Methods for calculating management costs/server vary greatly; we use a minimum of 1 hour/month/server @ $24usd/hour.

1 We use a baseline of a small shop (125 servers) with a $40,000usd ADC solution; medium (500 servers) @ $120,000usd; and large (1000 servers) @ $200,000usd; actual cost depends on model, configuration and need.

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