Use this calculator to estimate the return on investment (ROI) of consolidating legacy load balancers to fewer next generation F5 Application Delivery Controllers.

Realize significant savings through increased performance, better utilization, and savings on maintenance, energy, and rack space. Results are calculated for three-year and five-year analysis on the calculator below.

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Community Expertise

Load Balancing versus Application Routing

Lori MacVittie | 2017年4月20日

As the lines between DevOps and NetOps continue to blur thanks to the highly distributed models of modern application architectures, there rises a need to understand the difference between load balancing and application routing. These are not the...

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Cloud bursting, the hybrid cloud, and why cloud-agnostic load balancers matter

Andrew Ragone | 2015年5月15日

Cloud Bursting and Hybrid Cloud When researching cloud bursting, there are many directions Google may take you. Perhaps you come across services for airplanes that attempt to turn cloudy wedding days into memorable events. Perhaps you'd...

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Does Your Cloud Quiesce? It Should.

Lori MacVittie | 2013年2月25日

#cloud #sdn Without the ability to gracefully shutdown the "contraction" side of elasticity may be problematic Quiescence, in a nutshell, is your mom telling you to "finish what you're doing but don't start anything new...

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Simplifying Application Architecture in a Dynamic Data Center through Virtualization

Lori MacVittie | 2012年12月5日

Application architecture has never really been easy, but the introduction of virtualization may make it even less easy – unless you plan ahead Most applications today maintain at least two if not three or more "tiers" within their...

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