Partner Breakout Sessions

Fast, Secure, Federated SaaS/Cloud Access

Organizations flock to SaaS because it enables application access from nearly any device, any location, at any time, enticing organizations to also transition their own applications to the cloud. But application access is complex. Organizations must ensure quick, smooth, secure access while not overburdening resources or subjecting users to access and performance that can be unpredictable. Optimum performance/response time is necessary to maintain satisfactory user productivity and experience. This includes guaranteeing priority bandwidth to business-critical cloud and SaaS applications, ensuring non business-related traffic doesn’t negatively affect business critical traffic. Learn how F5 delivers secure, accelerated, federated cloud and SaaS app access.

Navigate the Digital Transformation with Westcon EDGE

Social Media, Mobility, Cloud, and Analytics are changing the way companies do business. These four dynamic technologies represent a perfect storm of disruption, resulting in new business opportunities that utilize F5 solutions and their strategic partner alliances. Weston’s unique partner development program, THRIVE, enables our partners to navigate these rough waters while keeping operational costs down and increasing profitability. THRIVE includes industry leading solutions training, custom whiteboarding training, product configuration tools, and advanced sales and technical certification support. Join us to learn more about how to THRIVE with F5 and Westcon to give you the competitive EDGE in the perfect storm.

F5 Channel Marketing Xchange

Participate in the F5 Channel Marketing Xchange half-day breakout session to learn about your marketing opportunity with F5. This session will offer you a high level overview of F5 marketing practices and present to you the tools that we have made available for the Unity partner community to enhance your marketing practices with F5. You will hear firsthand from your peers how they are leveraging F5 marketing tools and engage in discussion focusing on channel marketing best practices. Over the course of this session we will discuss F5 content strategy, marketing plays with F5 Alliance partners, F5 buying personas and more.

Delivering F5 services for applications in the hybrid cloud

There is no real debate regarding the dominance of hybrid cloud architectures in the future. But to make a hybrid cloud deployment model feasible, you need consistent application services across your local data centers, private clouds, and public cloud environments. This ensures availability, security, and performance for all of your applications. Find out more about the F5 virtual ADC platform (F5 BIG-IP virtual editions), top hybrid cloud use cases, and F5 Ready cloud partners. Gain technical implementation insights for specific clouds and see firsthand through demos how to simplify your move to the cloud with BIG-IP.

Riding the Cisco ACI and F5 BIG-IP partnership wave to increased revenue

Understand why people are migrating to Cisco ACI and how the Cisco-F5 partnership expands your sales opportunities while also protecting your installed base. Learn how to position and use the various architectures correctly (EGP vs. Service Insertion), how to sell with professional services, and also how to talk about migration to the new fabric. In the end, speak about F5 Synthesis and Cisco ACI addressing application deployment needs. Basic knowledge of Cisco ACI desired but not required.

Deliver applications in the SDDC with F5 and VMware NSX

Software-defined data centers (SDDCs) are transforming data center economics by accelerating application deployment time and dramatically simplifying operations. The integrated solution between F5 and VMware NSX eliminates the disconnect between network and application delivery service management. As a result, you can gain simplified network lifecycle management, traffic management, and application-level security. Join this session to learn about the new features added to the latest F5 Device Package, explore how F5 iApps are exposed into NSX with BIG-IQ, and how to simplify application deployment process by leveraging iRules on BIG-IP.

Successfully partnering with F5 on the customer journey

As a solutions provider, developing a services practice can be highly profitable and provide a way to differentiate your business. But getting traction selling and marketing these offerings is often a struggle for resellers. There are many key areas that will need to be defined by you and your team as you embark on this journey. This session can help put your organization on the fast track.

Reduce IT costs and deploy app services with F5 Silverline

More cloud and SaaS based applications are being deployed than ever before, driving the need for more flexible and cost-efficient ways to rapidly deploy application services without requiring extensive, up front IT investments. F5 Silverline cloud-based application services give organizations the flexibility to rapidly deploy F5’s industry-leading application solutions while reducing operational expenses by outsourcing IT application services support to F5’s highly specialized experts. In this session you will learn more about how your organization can benefit from the Silverline DDoS Protection and Silverline Web Application Firewall services.

The F5 application protection solution

With its high scale and performance capabilities, the F5 application protection solution is best suited to protect the data centers of tomorrow from evolving threats. In this session, we will discuss application protection and the approach to consolidating best-of-breed security services to protect business-critical applications on a single platform. As a result, organizations can reduce organizational cost without adding complexity to the network infrastructure.

Delivering application services with F5

Your customers are dealing with a new world for their applications—apps with mobile clients, SaaS apps in the cloud, and apps that are migrating to or spread across the cloud. This new application architecture places a larger emphasis on the services for those apps to ensure they’re always available, always fast, and always secure—regardless of where the applications reside or how users access them. Learn how F5 enables you to provide application services to your customers regardless of where and how they’re deploying their apps, and with partners such as Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, and cloud and SaaS providers.

Boost sales opportunities with F5 and integrated systems

Today, your customers are increasingly deploying integrated systems in favor of traditional IT infrastructures. The reasons for doing so are pretty clear: speed of deployment combined with lower CapEx and OpEx that result in a highly improved time-to-value. Join this session to learn how F5 has teamed up with leading providers of integrated systems (converged and hyper-converged) to deliver a full range of services. We will discuss how positioning Layer 4–7 services with these systems can boost revenue opportunities for F5 channel partners.

Maximizing the value of security in federal government

The federal government’s goal is to realize significant cost reductions, increased agility, and the innovation benefits of technology as quickly as possible. Agencies are deploying applications in different ways depending upon many factors, such as where the services are hosted, security requirements, and the ability to customize capabilities. This session will cover what you need to know to migrate data centers to the cloud, maximize investments in security products with SSL visibility, emerging new encryption standards, CAC, PIV, ELA 4, and how to use protection profile to ensure consistency to security standards.

Protecting SSL keys: federal government data security with FIPS

Protecting SSL encryption keys ensures the overall integrity of SSL to deliver security and privacy by design. Working together with other government agencies and private industry, NIST has created a technology standard for data encryption and system protection known as FIPS 140-2. Learn best practices for HSM compliance to protect keys and certificates as targets of attacks and get support for validating deployments. Gain an understanding of the steps necessary to meet the December deadline for random key generation. You will also learn about SSL Forward Proxy to gain SSL visibility while using authoritative signing of certificates for increased protection.

Reduce your customer’s IT overhead and rapidly deploy application services with F5 Silverline

More cloud and SaaS based applications are being deployed than ever before, driving the need for more flexible and cost efficient ways to rapidly deploy application services without requiring extensive, upfront IT investments. F5 Silverline cloud-based application services allow organizations the flexibility to rapidly deploy F5’s industry leading application solutions while reducing operational expenses by outsourcing IT application services support to F5’s highly specialized experts. In this session you will learn more about how your customers can benefit from the Silverline DDoS Protection and Silverline Web Application Firewall Solutions.

SSL everywhere: Data protection and SSL visibility

Enterprises are struggling with the increasing use of SSL, which will grow to 50% of all traffic within 3 years. Fueling this growth is the rise of the insider threat (the “Snowden effect”), regulatory compliance, evolving cryptography with new ciphers like elliptical curves, forward secrecy, and new protocols like HTTP 2.0. How encryption is implemented determines how effective it is—or whether it's effective at all. Learn about best-in-class cryptography for data protection and practices for key protection. You will also find out how to leverage BIG-IP to overcome SSL performance loss with third-party products like NGFWs and IPSs.

Hyper-scale and secure DNS for optimal global app growth

With new on-premises and cloud-deployed apps, the Internet of Things, and mobile devices, how do you enable an optimal user experience? With F5 intelligent DNS and global app solutions. Using consolidated services, you can deploy F5 technology in every single data center or cloud to hyper-scale your DNS infrastructure so it can respond to increased app requests and protect against DDoS attacks and vulnerabilities. You can also quickly replicate DNS into new adjacent hybrid environments by syncing automated configurations and security postures. Finally, optimize global app solutions that showcase intelligent app delivery across hybrid data centers and clouds.

Contextual, differentiated application access

Users today demand access to mission-critical applications from any device (or many devices simultaneously), over any network, from anywhere, at any time. In this competitive, lightning-fast business environment, the difference between success and failure is measured in milliseconds. But, fast still needs to be secure. Organizations face serious security and management challenges that must be addressed to ensure continued productivity growth and agility. Dynamic, granular application access control based on environment and context delivers the responsiveness and flexibility today’s business requires, while ensuring corporate and personal data—and the corporate reputation—remain safe and sound.

Kick-start your HTTP/2 planning

HTTP/2 is here—and it will dramatically improve the speed and security of your mission-critical web applications. However, according to a recent survey from IDG Research, few IT departments know enough about the new protocol and the technical challenges behind implementing it. This session will focus on the information you need to know about this major revision of the web’s core protocol, and how F5 can kick-start your HTTP/2 adoption. Learn what makes HTTP/2 different from HTTP 1.x and how this affects your infrastructure. Find out how F5 can ease the transition from HTTP/1, and help overcome barriers to implementation.

F5 federal certification roundtable

Meet with F5 product leadership to learn current Federal Certifications as well as understand Global Certification initiatives. We will discuss currently supported Federal and Global certifications and our roadmap for emerging certification requirements, and solicit feedback from you the customer on where we could improve.

F5 security solutions in the U.S. federal market

Learn how F5 addresses federal mandates and security concerns in the U.S. Federal Marketplace. We will cover use cases specific to defense, civilian, and the intelligence community around topics like SSL inspection, VDI, HSPD-12 CAC/PIV, VPN, access control, and more.