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novembre 16, 2016

SSL Performance Results: F5 BIG-IP iSeries vs. Citrix and A10

We ran the tests, and the results are in: the new F5 BIG-IP iSeries application delivery platform performs five times faster SSL ECC TPS than comparable devices from our competitors.

novembre 15, 2016

Old Protocols, New Exploits: LDAP Unwittingly Serves DDoS Amplification Attacks

F5 Labs on how attackers continue to exploit decades-old protocols in an effort to achieve stronger amplification, enabling them to inflict greater damage.

novembre 07, 2016

Little TrickBot Growing Up: New Campaign

F5 Labs personnel focuses on TrickBot and how the malware compares to Dyre.

novembre 03, 2016

DARPA Proves Automated Systems Can Detect, Patch Software Flaws at Machine Speed

Perspective from F5 Labs on dramatically reducing the time it takes to find and fix software vulnerabilities.

octobre 06, 2016

Mirai: The IoT Bot That Took Down Krebs and Launched a Tbps DDoS Attack on OVH

The “Mirai” botnet has infected hundreds of thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, specifically security cameras, by using vendor default passwords for Telnet access. This IoT botnet successfully landed a Terabyte attack on OVH1, and took...

juillet 07, 2016

Infographic: A Consumer Debate: Privacy or Public Security

An EMEA study of consumer attitudes towards personal data use and privacy

juin 24, 2016

Secure the NEXT – Mitigate DDoS attacks

There are more than 3.4 billion internet users globally with an estimated 6.4 billion IoT devices being connected to it, making the ecosystem a burgeoning exchange where information and transactions flow every other second. By 2020, Gartner...

juin 13, 2016

F5 Silverline DDoS Protection Mitigates 448 Gbps DDoS Attack

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a common attack method used by hacker groups and individuals to severely hamper or shut down an organization’s online services, causing both monetary and reputation losses. Whereas DDoS attacks have been...

avril 28, 2016

Effective Hybrid Cloud - Adapting and Scaling to Meet Changing Business Needs

This executive brief from IDC explains hybrid cloud as a natural evolution that offers public cloud's scalability and low startup costs, along with the level of security that comes with private cloud.

avril 27, 2016

Deploying Apps within a Hybrid Infrastructure

Know where your apps are, who and where your users are, and the context of how these apps are being used in architecting an infrastructure that is simple yet agile.