Brand Identity

F5 is at an inflection point—we are no longer “that load-balancing company.” Given that apps are business-critical, and that businesses demand immediate, uninterrupted, and secure access to apps—regardless of where those apps reside—F5 has the enterprise-grade services and expertise to help companies securely deliver every app, anywhere.



Where we are going and what we are meant to be
Freedom to deliver every app, anywhere.



Our core purpose

Businesses depend on apps. Whether it’s apps that help connect businesses to their customers or apps that help employees do their jobs—we make sure apps are always available and secure, anywhere.


Brand attributes

The characteristics our customers associate with us

Trusted: For 20 years, F5 has been the leader in app service delivery. We are a trusted partner and committed to helping customers navigate through their digital transformation journey.

Authentic: As a market leader, we speak with authority. We don’t need false bravado because our customers trust us and believe in our leadership. We understand their business challenges and we are authentic in our solutions.

Customer-obsessed: We’re not just obsessed about solving our customers’ CURRENT business challenges. We want to get out ahead of customer challenges so that we can partner with them into the future.

Innovative: F5 created the app delivery market. But now F5 is using our app expertise to innovate in security and multi-cloud markets—delivering on the promise of every app, anywhere.

F5 voice

Audience drives the voice, context drives the tone. Adhering to the F5 voice and tone keeps our content consistent with our overall brand.

Keeping our brand attributes in mind, we strive to be storytellers. We aim to engage and connect. We are impactful and memorable.


Some guidelines for the F5 voice

We are But not
Professional Old-fashioned
Authentic Full of F5 jargon
Helpful Always trying to sell
Conversational Trendy
Informal Sloppy
Provocative Controversial
Authoritative Arrogant


Some brand “don’ts” to keep in mind

F5 is a global company, so it is important to keep these specific voice and tone guidelines in mind.

  • Never refer to anatomy or social stereotypes in a way that can be offensive
    This is all the more important because we are a global company and do not want to attach our brand to any content that could be considered culturally insensitive or offensive.
  • Never use copy that is threatening or related to death
    We live in an age of heightened sensitivity to violence—global terrorism, gun debates, and mass shootings. It is imperative that F5’s voice and tone remain positive and void of all references to death and violence. We can recognize our customers’ challenges without taking a threatening tone.
  • Never use copy that is specific to certain cultures or religions
    As a global company, we want to avoid customer-facing content that specifically references Holidays that are tied to religious beliefs or specific cultures.

F5 Corporate Logo

The F5 logo is unique in that it consists of one design element. A traditional logo “signature” includes both the symbol and the company name in a specific configuration, but the F5 “mark” stands for the company with just the F5 in a red circle.

Just as the Nike “swoosh” is the main identifying mark for the sportswear company, the F5 logo has gained strong brand recognition over time among our customers who recognize it as the “glowing red ball” in their data center.

F5’s official/legal name is F5 Networks, but the company has moved away from using Networks in recent years. Unless there are legal implications, please use just F5.

When used in copy, please use “F5” with an upper case “F” (and without “Networks”). Link to the Content Style Guide for more information on how to use the the “F5” name in copy.

PMS 185 and white.

Logo color options

There are two versions of the F5 logo for maximum legibility over a background color. Do not use the logo over backgrounds with low contrast or complex patterning that interfere with readability. Use the preferred red and white logo whenever possible in print and digital communications. The F5 logos are available for download on the F5 website and F5 Brand Resource Center.

The red and white logo is the preferred version.

The black and white logo is used when the background color conflicts with the logo.

Approval from the F5 brand/creative team is required for use of the one-color white logo.

Approval from the F5 brand/creative team is required for use of the one-color black logo

Minimum logo sizes

Using the appropriate size of logo ensures that it will be accurately reproduced and legible in digital and print mediums.
If the logo is smaller than .5 inches, the registered trademark may be removed as it is not readable.


Minimum logo size for print is 0.5" or 37 px.
When used at a size that is smaller than .5", the “®” should be removed.
Minimum logo size for digital media is 0.3" or 22 px.

Clear space and placement

To preserve the visual impact and integrity of the logo, always maintain adequate space around it. To regulate this, a clear space has been established around the corporate mark. For print applications, the F5 logo should be surrounded by clear space equal to half the height of the red circle (x = the logo height in the illustrations to the right). For digital applications, the clear space may be reduced to one-quarter of the logo height.

The logo size is measured from the edges of the circle.




Logo “don’ts”

Use of stylized, animated, hand-drawn or other versions of the logo are not permitted. This undermines the logo system and brand consistency.

Please consult with the Brand team if you have questions about logo usage.

Do not reverse the white and red.

Do not stretch or skew the logo.

Do not use a tint of the logo.

Do not position the logo inside another element.

The “f5” in the center of the logo should be white unless printing is only one-color.

Do not make the logo into a character.

Do not place the logo over a background with low contrast.

Do not place the logo over complex patterns that interfere with readability.

Creative Elements


Used consistently, typography plays a significant role in differentiating and reinforcing the F5 brand. The corporate font is Proxima Nova. It is used for all print materials, events, and digital communications whenever possible. if the font is not available, please use Helvetica or Arial.

Aguda Light and Regular numerals have a distinctive style, and are used for infographics and large display of statistics. Proxima Nova numerals are used in copy and all other marketing materials.






The pure, primary hues of the F5 color palette communicate clarity and strength, supporting the intrinsic value of our technologies as well as the vibrant red of the F5 logo.

The palette communicates a high-tech energy and functions well in print, digital, and video, thus supporting our brand promise across all channels. Neutral grays complement the pure, saturated hues in color combinations that create a distinct approach to color.

Color system

The F5 color palette communicates clarity and strength. Neutral grays are used to complement the bold, saturated colors. The color system consists of primary and secondary colors. The primary palette is the F5 red, black and gray.

The secondary palette provides flexibility for a wide range of expression. Use these colors to customize stories and messaging. Choose only one or two secondary colors and use the red, gray and black primary palette colors as an accent.

To ensure consistency, please adhere to these color specifications, use qualified vendors, and reliable reproduction methods.

Use the PANTONE® Color Matching System as a reference to ensure accuracy when matching colors for printed materials.





How to use the color palette

To use the F5 color palette, always start with the primary corporate colors, and choose one or two secondary colors that complement your photography or illustrations.

Use tints of gray as accents intead of adding another color to your design. Keeping the color palette limited to just a few bright colors creates a stronger amd more memorable impression of the F5 brand.

The secondary colors complement the photography and the corporate palette. Black, white and tints of gray are used for emphasis, and support the brighter colors to create a positive experience for the reader.


Photography that tells a story and captures real moments plays a key role in the F5 brand. Our images are photojournalistic (not staged), with lighting that is natural and authentic to the subject matter.

Our imagery tells a visual story with two categories of images: Our Customers and Our Work.

These categories are described on the following pages. Because many companies choose from the same catalog of stock images, following the criteria listed will help us differentiate the F5 brand.

Our Customers

The images we choose that represent our customers should tell them:

“We get you. We live in the same fast-paced and technologically challenging world, and we understand it.”




Our Work

Successful images of our work are chosen to help explain “What we do and how we do it.”

The complexity of our technical world is confusing for our customers, and comes with a steep learning curve. By helping them understand how our products work, they can more easily understand the benefits.




Our Customers


The “Customers” image category includes a wide variety of people in many locations, with a diverse range of business and technical needs. Our customers range from software architects that depend on our technology, to C-suite executives that make powerful purchasing decisions, to the end-user of an app that runs our security or load-balancing software.

Clearly defining your target customer audience before choosing images will ensure greater success in connecting with them.

Qualities to look for in images that reflect our customer base are:

Authentic Technical
Global Diverse
Smart Experienced

Images with a wide angle or a distant viewpoint give a global perspective.





Images that capture a situation or facial expressions, and tell a story about our customers and their business challenges.





A close-up shot that focuses on specific technology details. Works best with copy or a headline that helps tell a customer story.




Our Work


This image category focuses on people and an activity they are engaged in (something is happening, or happened). These images provide a view into our world and the future of our technology, giving a glimpse of what is possible. Choose images that are aspirational and capture our inventive culture and creativity.

Abstract imagery can also be used to represent the speed, access and availability of our products.

Qualities to look for in images that reflect our work are:

Inventive Genuine
Data-driven Smart
Heroic Scientific
Experienced Visionary

A close-up shot that focuses on specific technology details. Works best with copy or headlines that help tell a story about our work.





Images that capture a situation or facial expressions, and tell a story about our work.





Abstract images that convey qualities or concepts such as speed, efficiency, agility, cloud, network, data, etc.




How to source stock photography

Stock photography is used for the majority of our marketing collateral. Because many companies use the same stock photo sites, following the brand criteria can help differentiate the F5 brand.

Stock photography with people should feel genuine and natural (not posed or staged). People are engaged in an activity, and are not looking directly into the camera.

Photos that show technology should be original, current, and ideally “cutting edge.”

Never use images with rearms, inappropriate innuendo, references to war or the military, or sexual or sexist content.

Never use imagery that could be considered culturally insensitive or offensive.

Never use imagery that is threatening or related to death.

Avoid imagery that specifically references Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, or any other Holidays that are tied to religious beliefs or specific cultures.











Product photography

Product photography is clear and straightforward. It is shown on a white or black background, with clear lighting and a small, natural shadow or reflection.

A product “hero” shot is photographed in a three-quarter view to show its three-dimensional shape, with a focus on the technical components. Additional views highlight specific features of the product for instructional purposes.



Hero shot: three quarter view

Front view

Back view



Hero shot: three quarter view

Front view

Back view

F5 Icon Library

The style of the F5 icons is simple, straightforward and two-dimensional. The outlines are consistent, thin and black, but they can be reversed to white over a darker background, or changed to a single color from the brand palette. Please avoid small sizes that are not legible, or using colors that are too light for the narrow line weight.

Icons are designed in a 32 x 32 grid at 128 x 128 px with a 1 px line width. Rounded corners are set at a 4 px radius. The line gap that is shown in most of the icons is 8 px.

To request the source files for our icon library, contact us at




Charts and diagrams

Charts, diagrams and mini-infographics illustrate the features and functionality of F5 solutions and products. Their style is consistent with the icon library–simple, straightforward, and two-dimensional.

Please use a minimal number of colors along with black, gray and white as accents for maximum clarity in communication.









Creative Applications

The application of F5 creative elements in a consistent manner will build recognition with our customers, and differentiate us from the competition. Presentation, advertising and collateral guidelines have been developed to help you balance typography, images, and color to create a consistent branded experience for F5 customers.

Marketing collateral

Print collateral template

F5 marketing collateral is designed using a 4-column grid template on 8.5 x 11 or A4 pages.


Section divider

Copy page

Copy hierarchy

Marketing collateral uses the following typographic styles:

Proxima Nova Bold

Proxima Nova Medium

Body copy:
Proxima Nova Medium

Display numbers and large numbers in infographics:
are Aguda Light or Regular


Website guidelines

F5 has multiple digital properties, with different content types that define each site. When designing for digital, keep the user experience top of mind. Our interactive engagements should be easy, impactful, and informative.

Website grid and copy hierarchy

Documentation and tools for designers and developers, live representations of color and typography, and code for repeatable design patterns can be found in our online style guide.

Email template

Email template system

The email and landing page templates are designed to work on any device, and are fully responsive. To connect with our customers and deliver relevant email marketing messages, please follow these guidelines.

Writing guidelines and templates are available for Single Offer, Multiple Offer, Event, Update or Newsletter emails.

Use the F5 brand guidelines for choosing photography, and follow the branded email templates for color and typography choices.

The hero image will require cropping flexibility for responsive formats on mobile and desktop, as well as consideration for the readability of the headline over it.

Consider A/B test content variables if you are unsure of certain aspects of the copy or design. Test variables include CTAs placement, image choice, content length, headline or subject lines, etc.

Campaigns and advertising

Print ad templates

Advertising campaigns extend brand reach by connecting with our customers through tightly aligned visuals and copy. The ad should imply a business problem, which is solved by our products or expertise.

Full page and half page ad layouts are shown to the right. To deliver relevant and targeted print ads, please follow these guidelines.

Choose high impact photography that is tightly aligned with the headline for greater impact.

Copy and visuals should connect quickly and instinctively with the targeted audience.






Corporate powerpoint template

The Corporate PowerPoint Template should be used for all internal and external presentations.

Always start with a new document for each presentation where possible. Using Master layouts and Theme colors will help minimize the need for manual updates in the future. Videos are available for training and additional support.

Logowear and giveaways

For logowear, use the recommended two- color logo. If the background is not white, please ensure the “f5” prints white and the sphere prints solid PMS 185 or black. Please follow the standard guidelines for clear space, color use, and size.

The logo may also be etched into items such as metal pens or glassware.

Additional information and purchases can be made at the online F5 Shop at


Tradeshow graphics

Banners and pull-ups

F5 branded displays are a cost-effective and quick way to create a small booth area with a backdrop and podium to gather around.

The freestanding, vertical pull-up banner is typically displayed with the F5 table skirt. It is used at smaller eld events, HR/recruiting activities, charity events, and promotions.

10’ x 10’ pop-up signs require minimal assembly. They are used at mid-size eld events when an elevated presence and branding is warranted.


Use large-scale photography that covers the entire banner for high-impact.

Center the logo at the top of the sign so it can be identified from a distance.

Messaging should be placed near the logo. Copy is Proxma Nova Bold, sentence case.

Resources and Legalese

How to find or request assets

All brand assets are available in F5’s Brand Resource Center at

Please email if you have questions.

Legal Considerations

Logowear and giveaways

These guidelines must be observed by those authorized to use F5 trademarks. Only partners (e.g., resellers and distributors) or others who have obtained explicit permission from F5 are authorized to use certain F5 trademarks. Otherwise, no right, license, or permission, express or implied, to use F5 trademarks is provided by these guidelines. Any uses of F5 trademarks that are not covered by any of the examples in these guidelines requires prior written approval by F5. Apply the appropriate trademark notices to F5 product, feature, and service names or taglines in materials referencing F5 trademarks, including print material and documents that will be hosted online as a PDF. You can find a list of current trademarks at Logos, images, and trademarks of F5 are subject to change without notice. Unless ® is noted for a particular product, feature, or service name or tagline of F5, use TM.

Product naming

To preserve F5 brand integrity and adhere to legal requirements, do not cut corners on F5 naming. Product naming can be complex, so please contact F5 directly if you need clarification.

  • F5 internal teams must apply trademarks in print materials; however do not apply trademarks to web page content. Third parties must mark all F5 trademarks, including web page copy.
  • Apply trademarks to first mentions of products and technologies in body copy if it is unsuitable to apply them in headlines.
  • Refer to for a complete list of F5 trademarks.

Third party usage notice

Third parties must apply this notice to materials referencing F5 trademarks (e.g., printed materials, documents that will be hosted online as a PDF, web page content, etc.): F5, F5 Networks, and the F5 logo are trademarks of F5 Networks, Inc. in the U.S. and in certain other countries. Other F5 trademarks are identified at Any other products, services, taglines/slogans, or company names referenced herein may be trademarks of their respective owners with no endorsement or affiliation, express or implied, claimed by F5.

Legalese to be applied to internally published materials

Apply this legalese to printed materials and documents that will be hosted online as a PDF: ©2018 F5 Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. F5, F5 Networks, and the F5 logo are trademarks of F5 Networks, Inc. in the U.S. and in certain other countries. Other F5 trademarks are identified at Any other products, services, or company names referenced herein may be trademarks of their respective owners with no endorsement or affiliation, express or implied, claimed by F5.